How to change the function of a bad key to a good one with KeyTweak

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This program was a real cure-all for many people. Nobody knows what he's got until he loses it, right? And only when a key doesn't work do you realize how important it is. However, there is a solution for everything… and for these cases, KeyTweak has the solution!

Why are the keyboard and each key so important?

Beyond that, computers have evolved dramatically. Nowadays, it is very common to see how some operating systems have voice assistants. However, beyond these extraordinary functions, the keyboard has not ceased to be important.

Anyone who works in the field of computer science, or whose tasks and projects require the keyboard, know this. This extraordinary tool has also undergone major changes.

The quantity and quality of keyboard models today it's just awesome. Just list the existing keyboard types and their functions.

When problems arise in a key

Like any other part of the computer, the time is felt on the keyboard structure, causing considerable wear. Over time, it's best to buy a new one… or at least do some maintenance.

Periodically, in fact, yes recommend cleaning the keyboard. These collect a lot of dust or small residues of food or other. If a lot of dirt accumulates, it can interfere with proper keyboard operation.

But the problem could be not always be physical, but systematic. So it's really convenient to know how to increase keyboard responsiveness.

What to do when a key is damaged?

To all of these, there can be many reasons that can cause total or partial failure of the keyboard. The most natural thing (to put it in some way) is that the keyboard is gradually being damaged. In other words, the most normal thing is that there are some keys that no longer want to work.

Lack of keyboard response? Your keyboard doesn't type and you hear a "beep" every time you press a key? There you can find the solution here and it's called KeTweak!

What is KeyTweak and how can you change the function of an invalid key?

On the Internet you can find the solution to the vast majority of problems you have with your computer. And keyboard problems are not lost for curious and intelligent software developers.

KeyTweak already has some time available on different platforms for solve problems. It is a kind of virtual keyboard that connects to your physical keyboard. Through its interface it is possible to 'remap' or assign a different function to a specific key.

The steps to follow

change the function of a bad key to a good one, you have to use KeyTweak. Finding it on the Internet is not very difficult and the installation process is not very difficult either. Once the program is installed, proceed to change the function of the button as follows:

  1. When you open KeyTweak, you will come across a key map. Go to the “Choose new remapping” option and select the key that doesn't work.
  2. Now select the key to which you want to assign the function of the key that does not work. The selected key will appear in “Key Selected”.
  3. In the "Pending changes" box you will see the change to be made. Click "Apply".
  4. KeyTweak will ask you to restart your computer to apply the changes.

Successful process thanks to KeyTweak!

As you will see, changing the function of a key that doesn't work for a good one is very simple… yes! As long as you do it with KeyTweak. Now you can continue to enjoy the best keyboard shortcuts or combinations with the new key thanks to this program.

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