How to change the language and translate pages in Google Chrome

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Today, technology has made great strides, so much so that today it offers a series of tools that allow you to simplify navigation and the experience.

If you are one of those who like to keep informed and are looking for quality content most of the time, then the Google Chrome browser is ideal for you; However, keep in mind that the information on the internet is very varied and being available to everyone, it is organized in several languages.

Fortunately, Chrome settings include the ability to translate any content visible on web pages and also in your own application. This process is extremely simple, you will just have to apply some changes in so that translations are done automatically. Do you want to know how to do it? Join us!

Steps to change the language in the Google Chrome application

If you are bilingual or just need to adapt your browser to multiple languages, with this trick you can get it:

From your computer or laptop

  • Log in or log in to yours Google account. If you don't know how, follow this link.
  • Go to the section "Data and personalization".

Change the language in the Google Chrome application - Step by step

  • Find the panel "General web preferences".

  • click on "Languages" and click the pencil icon to change the language you want to change and click «Select».

  • You can add as many languages ​​as you want. Go to option "Add another language" And that's it.

If you complete each of these steps, you will have changed correctly the language of the Google Chrome application, otherwise delete i cookies and clear your computer's cache and try again.

On cell phones

When you install the Google Chrome application on your mobile, the browser will default to the native language of the device. However, if you want to change it or add other languages, you need to follow the same steps as described above for PC.

Steps to translate web pages in Google Chrome

This setup works for all types of equipment, be it computers, laptops or mobile devices. Once you have made the change, you will see that when you enter a website the translation will be done automatically. Let's see how to do it step by step:

Yes Windows and Chromebook

  • Log in to the browser Google Chrome from your PC.
  • Locate the menu a three points located at the top left of the screen.

Translate web pages in Google Chrome from Windows and Chromebook

  • click on "Settings". A new window will open immediately, locate the "Advanced settings" section.

  • A menu will appear, go to the section "Languages". Here you will see the available languages. Otherwise, click on the option » Add languages ​​» and write the language you want, if it is in the list click on the option » Add".

  • Once you have selected your language, click on the three dots and select the option "Show Google Chrome in this language".
  • Finally, press the button "Restart" And that's it. The changes will be saved correctly.

Now you can enter any web portal regardless of language and Google Chrome will translate automatically the content.

Now if you prefer that appears the window of Google Translate, all you have to do is activate or check the option that says «Offer the translation of the pages in this language» or tick "Ask me if I want to translate pages that are not in a language I can read".

The latter option will allow when you enter a page, you will be asked whether or not you want the portal translation. The decision is yours alone.

From the phone

  • Enter the browser Google Chrome from your mobile.
  • To be touched on the three points located in the upper left part of the device.
  • A menu will appear, go to the option "Settings". Then tap «Advanced settings> Languages». You will see a window with the languages ​​available on your mobile.
  • Like on the computer, if you don't see the language you have to add it, as long as it's in the options.
  • When you find the language, tap the three dots and select «Offer translation» And that's it.

How to translate a web page from the site

If you want to save time and avoid making configuration changes, another safe and fast way to translate or change language on a web page in Google Chrome is by following these steps:

  • Enter the webpage you wish to translate from Google Chrome.
  • You will see a pop-up window at the top right asking if you want to translate the page. Click on "Translate" And that's it.

How to translate a web page from the site quickly and easily

Another alternative is: go to the web page you want to translate, right-click on an empty space on the portal and press "Translate to ...". Intelligent!

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As you will see, the process for change the language in Google Chrome and translating web pages is very simple and you won't have to be a computer expert to make these changes. The browser offers you an infinite number of tools that you can apply to improve your experience, all that remains is to make the most of them.

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