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Can I put the LoL in Spanish by the client?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to change the language in Spanish from the client Lol, so if you really want to change it, you have to use an external, but safe method.

Why is the second point important? For the simple reason that some users have been penalized for having resorted to external applications to mechanically translate or put the League in Spanish and this, of course, It is not allowed.

And if you wonder if the method you will see below is safe to apply, you can use it with peace of mind! Since it does not require the use of automated programs, in fact, no one has been penalized for using it.

Steps to change the language to Spanish

Varying this aspect is much less difficult than any player might expect, what is decisive is to respect the passages as shown, being the only way to put the league in Spanish.

Locate the game folder

The first thing you need to do is to press on the game shortcut with the right mouse button, select "Property" and then "Open position" in order to access LoL files.

Although you can also do it by opening “File Explorer  " and in the left menu access the "Local disk" of your computer, where you can find the folder “Riot Game”.

Get rid of the shortcut

Leaving the folder containing the minimized folder, proceed with deleting the League of Legends shortcut you keep on your computer desktop, then you can replace it.

The LegaCliente

Go back to the folder “Riot Game” and proceed to expose the contents of the folder “League of Legends”, since it is the latter that the called element is found “LeagueClient”, which is an application.

In this sense, you can be guided by the card "Kind" which includes the file manager and, when you find the app, what you need to do is right click and opt for the initiative "Create link".

Set the shortcut

To advance in the process of entering the League in Spanish you have to press the right button of the mouse on the access you have created, to immediately choose the indicator "Property"

The corresponding window will appear and you will need to go to the tab bearing the name "Direct access", where you will need to locate the item "Destination". In the bar for this option, you have to write the code corresponding to the language you want.

Soon, to enter the language in Hispanic, you need to click on the last letter of what is already written there, because you should not change it, give a space and place "Es_ES espagnolo" o "Es_MX Spanish", as you wish.

Pay close attention, as the final part must be like "Locale = es_ES  Spanish” for it to work properly. Now, to finish, press “OK” in so that the changes are applied.

Start the game

From now on, whenever you want to run League of Legends, you have to do it from that shortcut that you created and edited with the Spanish language, and it is the same element that you will place on the desktop of your PC.

Will the changes be saved forever?

The language exchange will continue as long as you use the access created, until you change it again or if the Customer encounters a new update. In the latter case, it will revert to its initial configuration.

But it will not be unalterable, in reality you will just have to repeat this procedure to put it back in Spanish with each new update or until they include Spanish in their options.

League of Legends tries to make its users as comfortable as possible, which is why they allow you to change them to the language of your choice. Other changes you can make to your account in the game are your username or nickname, you can also change your password for added protection of your account.

Once you are comfortable with the playing conditions, get ready to start advancing in the League of Legends qualifiers and thus become a League of Legends pro.

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