How to change the language of Reddit? Learn to put the language in Spanish

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This also provides the ability to access forums of different topics where you can access and comment, post photos, videos or discuss any of the points presented in said forum with people from all over the world. Another interesting fact about Reddit is that has around 320 million users.

This web portal has the task of managing and classifying all kinds of topics, from politics, history and science to sports, clothing and technology. It is a very varied site, has a large number of options and tools adapted to the tastes and needs of users who wish to register and enter the page.

On the other hand, it has a home portal where we will be recommended a series of news and links that are currently important within the platform or different users are talking about it. These links will lead us to debate pages or sections in which we will meet people from all over the world.

But to enjoy this web page or application we will have to register, therefore, below we will explain how to access Reddit for the first time without any problem. Stay with us and find out all the details about this important global platform.

How can I sign up and log into Reddit?

To be able to carry out this step you will have to alone follow a series of very simple steps, pay attention and you will understand without any problem. Our first step to take from our laptop and computer will be to enter the official Reddit page. Then, once inside, we will select the “Register” option.

It appears at the top of the screen in a blue box. We will click this button and then we will be asked to fill in some requirements such as our first and last name, our respective email address and create a password, in this way only we can enter our account.

Finally, once that's done, we'll just have to wait for the confirmation message to arrive to our email, this will allow us to access the site without any problem, we will just confirm. We can easily go into Reddit and enjoy all the options it offers.

From a cell phone.

We will download the application in our terminal. Once installed, we will access and register by entering our email address and any password. Then we will indicate our full name or nickname we want and that's it, we can use Reddit from mobile.

How can we change the original Reddit language to our liking?

This website is a platform created in the United States and a large part of its audience speaks English, in case you are not familiar with the language, it will be a big problem for you, as the vast majority of the forums, debates and options are in the native language from which this great portal was born .

But do not worry, there are very simple and easy ways to change it without any inconvenience. For this we will have to follow some steps. The first thing to keep in mind is that we will have to be registered on the page in advance, otherwise we will not be able to access the option we are looking for.

Once you are able to access Reddit, we will go to the preferences section, in this it will show us a large list of options in which we will choose to choose the "content language" box and click. Now we can see the list of languages ​​that Reddit presents to its users.

This is very general, so it contains a good number of languages, in our case we will look for the box that says “Spanish”, we will select it and that's it. We will be able to enjoy all the content offered by Reddit from the links provided to the news, all in our mother tongue.

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