How to change the lock screen wallpaper of my Android phone

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Android software is present in over 70% of IT companies that develop mobile devices, some of the most recognized brands are Samsung, Huawei, Toshiba, Motorola and Xiaomi.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this operating system launches new updates every time in which it greatly benefits its users. That's why it's ideal for updating Android software to the latest version. It also offers very practical and innovative functions. Such as change the wallpaper of the lock screen.

How to change the lock screen wallpaper of my Android phone?

The Android operating system was the first to promote smart technology on mobile devices and basically raised the idea of ​​developing processes similar to what runs on the computer. In this way, a mobile phone could enter internet platforms, social networks, use applications and programs and also perform the functions of a basic telephone.

Android software currently has more than two hundred million programs and applications available for mobile phones; This is why the user can access some messaging services such as the recognized WhatsApp Messenger or Snapchat and download different tools for mobile devices.

On the other hand, this operating system is widely used due to the countless very useful functions and tools. Since it makes very versatile options available, like lock screen wallpaper. This is a widely used alternative that is pleasant and simple to perform. You can also place wallpapers that change on their own

Clearly, like this option, there are many others, with which users can customize their smartphone to their liking with the best launchers, and it also allows us to give different uses to our device.

Steps to change the lock screen wallpaper of my android mobile

The mobile phone screen is an elementary factor for any device, because through this medium the connection between the mobile phone and the user will be made. However, there are some occasions when we are not comfortable with lock screen wallpapers, obviously this problem has a solution.

There is a settings section in Android devices called "Configuration", computer companies have this section to allow the user to make improvements to their mobile phone according to their tastes. To change your phone's lock screen wallpaper, you can try one of these two methods:

Method 1: Display Settings

  • First enter the configuration application of your device and then click on "screen". If the wallpaper option doesn't appear, go to "Other display settings".
  • At this point you should see a list of options including "Home screen background" e "Lock screen wallpaper".
  • Select the latter, and then you will be shown the available images of the device and others that come from the gallery.
  • You need to select the one you like best, then click "Accept" per salvare I modified it.

Method 2: Applications menu

  • Through the application menu, click "Settings" and scroll through the list of options.
  • Then select "Customize" and then enter “themes”, now select the alternative “change or modify themes”.
  • Click "Next"> Edit> More Wallpapers.
  • Now you will find yourself with the option to change your home screen wallpaper or lock screen wallpaper.
  • Tap the thumbnail of the "Lock screen".
  • Insert the images available on your device and in the media gallery section.
  • Test the image you like best and click on at the end "Accept".
  • There are some devices that have the option to choose a display image catalog for the locked screen. If this is your style you can click on the option and then on "Accept".

This way you can change your lock screen wallpaper without any problem. Taking into account that one of the two methods is reliable.

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