How to change the mouse pointer and make sounds on Windows 10

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Doing this process requires simple steps and will only take a couple of minutes. For this, you will obviously need your PC with Windows 10 previously installed.

Change the mouse pointer from your Windows 10 PC

Windows 10, like any cyber program, it has a special configuration menu for handle everything about that version. And editing the mouse pointer is also done from there, following the steps below:

Click on the Windows icon

To access this settings menu, you need to click on the Windows icon, located at the bottom left of the PC screen. After clicking there, a drop-down menu opens, where you need to locate the button "Control panel" and click on it.

When you do that, a new window will open with a series of options, you need to select the “Appearance and Personalization” ⇾ “Personalization” ⇾ “Change Mouse Pointers” option. After clicking on the latter option, it will appear a pop-up window with the different options to change the mouse pointer.

From this same window, you can change many other Windows options, such as increasing mouse speed or opening power plan options.

Open the "Schemes" drop-down menu

Clicking on the section entitled "Schemes" opens a drop down menu. There Windows gives you a number of options for pointers of different sizes, where black and white ones stand out.

You can choose one of these, and you will see the variants of what you have chosen in different contexts, such as when you are in "Selection Help", the mouse will appear with a question mark (?).

If it is "Busy", the pointer will appear in the shape of an hourglass, and so on for other types of situations on your PC. After choosing a pointer of your choice, press "OK" and you will see how the changes are applied to your pointer.

Ring the mouse pointer from your Windows 10 PC

To make your pointer much more attractive and dynamic, you need to put sound and you can also customize Windows 10 sounds and notifications. For this, you need to do basically the same as the previous pointer selection process. Go to "Control Panel" ⇾ "Appearance and Personalization" ⇾ "Personalization". Then, you have to click on the option "Sounds", where the drawing of a piano with some musical notes appears.

After clicking there, a pop-up window will appear with a scrolling options bar. In this, you have to go down until you reach an option titled “Selection” and click on it.

Next, a drop-down menu will appear with a series of sounds for your pointer, select one and click the "Test" button to hear how it sounds. Choose one and then hit accept and the changes related to the sound of your pointer will be applied when you perform different actions.

Unlimited customization: download your pointers and sounds

If the options Windows 10 gives you in terms of switching the mouse pointer and inserting sound don't suit your taste, there's an option to customize everything your way. This option allows you to download your own pointers and sounds, there are many sites where you will find cool pointer designs and interesting sounds.

Once you have a reliable site to download both the pointer and the sound, you can apply it by doing the same again anyway: go to "Control Panel, then go to" Appearance and Personalization "and" Personalization ".

If you have changed the mouse pointer, when you enter "Change mouse pointers" and the pop-up window opens, click the button "Browse" and look for the pointer that was downloaded. For sounds, similarly, when you click "Sounds" and the pop-up window opens, click Browse and find the sound you downloaded, applicalo And that's it!

It is evident that changing the mouse pointer and putting audio on your Windows 10 PC is very simple, it will not take long and moreover, you will be able to personalize all according to your preferences you can download them from the Windows store, for this you have to download and install apps from the store on Windows 10 and you can do it without an account.

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