How to change the name and description of my YouTube channel

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This is a serious mistake that the vast majority of people make and think that to reverse it they must create a new channel. But the truth of all this is that this is not the case, in the following article you will find small tips that will allow you to   change the name and description of my YouTube channel.

It is important that you know that the changes we will show you here will only apply to your name, profile photo and cover. You also need to make sure you enter a name that will last forever this time and has the charm that many reproductions generate. And you won't have to rename my YouTube channel anymore.

How to change the name and description of my YouTube channel

To start this explanation you need to enter the YouTube platform and being there, you will go to the top right and look for the icon that has the shape of a person. When you find it, you have to create a clip there so that different options appear and you will choose by creating a clip in the option it says Your channel.

Let's wait a while and a new window will load, which will show information about your channel, as well as videos, etc. We will now go to the left side next to your name in the icon where your profile photo appears. When you hover your cursor over the icon, a camera will appear, let's create a clip there and it will show us a box that says Edit your profile photo.

In this box we will select Modification, a new box will appear where we can select the photo, but we will give it a clip in the X to close that box. And then we will go to this point to show you how to change our channel photo. When you close you can see a window where your name appears and on the right side you can see a pencil.

That pencil is the option to edit, we select it by creating a clip and now it will give us the option to edit the name and place the one that looks best or best suited to the our channel.

It is important that you know that you have to select a name that does not exist so that the platform accepts it and does not ask you to enter another name, and finally do click su OK.

Change profile and cover photo

As we told you before, you can also change the your profile photo, you just have to select the icon of your image. Next, a window will appear asking you to select the photo you have saved on your computer. You will then happen to select the image you want to insert as a new image.

After selecting it, you just need to create a clip in the accept option. Now even if you want to make all the changes you should do the same with the cover photo. To do this you have to go to the top right of the cover and you will find the icon represented by a camera.

You have to make a clip on that icon and it will present you with the options to choose the new photo, you will search your computer and you will have to select the new photo which from now on shows your cover. When you do this, you will only have to make a clip in acceptance and you will be able to see that all the changes have been applied to your YouTube channel profile.

This way you will have solved the problem you were having without the need for complicated procedures. You also didn't have to create a new channel and you learned very easily and simply how to change the name and description of my youtube channel.

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