How to change the wallpaper of my Android phone?

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Customizing the home screen is one of the first steps users take when they have a new computer in their hands. Editing the image it is a simple procedure and can be performed on all devices.

It should be considered that there are apps that are responsible for carrying out this procedure for you, these applications can install animated images. Although it is advisable to change the wallpaper manually if possible.

Steps to change the wallpaper on your Android device

Initially it is important to know that all devices offer options from both settings than from the main screen. You can check this by selecting an empty area on the main screen and holding it for a short period of time.

A new window will automatically open showing a menu where you can choose widgets and other options, among which it is worth changing the wallpaper to those of the Android system. You can add widgets on the home screen.

The devices offer options for change the background of the home screen with images already pre-installed on your device. In addition, they can be exchanged with an image that is in the memory of the mobile.

Other devices depending on their brands allow the wallpaper downloads from the Internet, only you choose which of these options to select.

Another method for being able to change the desktop background is to enter "Settings" and select the option "background", from there you can view the system funds and select the one you prefer.

Also, you can go to your mobile gallery and select the photo or image you want. Then select the three dots located in the upper right part of the screen and the option to “define as background” will appear there. You have the option to download or transfer photos from Google Photos to your mobile gallery.

In the different options to change the background you have to choose if you want to define the image as background and block or if you want only as background. It should be borne in mind that the same image serves to perform these two functions on different screens.

If you select the image for the background only, you will be able to select another one for the background and the block and in this way you can have two backgrounds for the different screens of your device.

Background change details

It should be understood that when selecting an image, it must be adapted to the screen size, so in most cases you will have the option to adjust the size of the photo.

This shouldn't worry you, as the changes will not be applied to the original image but to the one that will be predetermined as the background.

Among the alternatives to change the background are the uses, which have a variety of themes for mobile phones and tablets. Most of these apps have a payment system, so they have a quality catalog. You also have the option to create your own themes.

The image you want to set as wallpaper can be set to match the resolution of the device. Therefore, this image can be scrolled through the different windows that you have on the desktop of your mobile.

In short, although for many people these directions are an obvious process, there are many users who do not know what the processes are for changing the home screen image. Reason why it is important to follow each of the steps explained to get a good result.

In the same way, Android devices have a number of options with which you can not only customize the home screen, but you can also customize the Google search bar widget.

Finally, it is important to note that these devices have very intuitive features and tools. So performing any procedure on these Smartphones is quite simple.

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