How to change username in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, PC or Xbox

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How much do you know about Fortnite?

It happens to many that they have been hooked to a video game without knowing much about the story it brings with it. Fortnite is a video game developed by the company Epic Games (also responsible for Call Of Duty Mobile, for example).

The video game, although it was announced in 2011 during the Spike Video Game Awards, was released in 2017. It has a number of different and surprising game modes.

The most popular is the Battle Royale mode. Up to 100 players can compete here at the same time. It can be a true free-for-all or a team battle. Each player will start unarmed and will have to travel the map to find weapons and healing equipment.

A great range

Downloading and installing Fortnite won't be a problem. This video game is free and available for practically all platforms. It doesn't matter if it's on your computer, PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch… You can have fun with this awesome game!

Fortnite has certainly made a huge impact and has reached the global level. So much so that, in 2019, the first world championship took place.

This event took place in New York and its first champion was… A 16 year old boy! American Kyle Giersdorf, also known as "Bugha", took home the $ 3 million award.

How to change username in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, PC or Xbox?

Among so much information and so many wonders that the game has, there is something that goes unnoticed. Your name in the video game ... maybe at first you liked it and now you want to change it. But how? It's possible?

Changing your username in Fortnite is a fairly simple procedure. However, you have to keep in mind that you can't do this as often as you want. First of all, to perform this action, it is essential to verify and authenticate your account.

In the PC

Changing your username in Fortnite from your computer is extremely simple, you just have to follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the Epic Games website.
  2. Login with your account.
  3. Click on your username.
  4. Select the option "Personal data".
  5. Enter your new username.
  6. click on "Update".

Xbox username change

Changing your Fortnite username on a console like Xbox is logically different from PC. However, the steps you need to follow are just as easy. For this you just have to:

  1. Consultation from your console browser.
  2. Login with your account.
  3. Select the option to change the "Gamertag".
  4. Enter your new username and check your availability.
  5. Click on "Update".

Step by step from Nintendo Switch

For users of the ever-popular Nintendo, there is one thing to consider. Your Nintendo nickname is not linked to your Epic Games username. Therefore, you can change your nickname but that doesn't mean your Fortnite username will change.

Time you have to perform the same procedure as for the PC. That is, visit the Epic Games website and perform all the steps described in that section.

It's time for a change!

Do you already have that catchy name in mind? Take advantage of how easy it is to change your username in Fortnite. Of course, think very carefully about the name! So long as, on Xbox, “Gamertags” can only be exchanged for free once.

On PC and Nintendo Switch, however, you can change your username once every 15 days. Trouble changing the name? Make sure your account is not blocked or suspended.

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