How to change username in Minecraft on all platforms?

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Change username in Minecraft on all platforms

The first thing you need to know to answer the initial question of How to change username in Minecraft on all platforms? Is that this process is completely free. The company in charge of the game will not charge you for doing so, as it is a right that every player has (you can even change the name for the same account multiple times, regardless of whether you need to update Minecraft to the latest version, or have one . of the first).

To achieve this, you have to go to the page created by the company specifically for this process, that is Single Account (just enter it in the search engine and it will appear).


Once you are there, you will see that a green rectangular box called "Register an account", press it if you don't have a Mojang account yet, if you have one click on " Log in ".

Regardless of what you do, you will be asked to enter your email and password, do so. Upon entering you will notice that a screen appears with your user information and a list with the games you have purchased from Mojang.

In this section you will see an option called " Profile "And under your name with the word" Change ”Next to it, press change (it's a link). This will take you to another page where you can type in your new username, do so and then hit the orange button next to it to see if it's available.

If the name can be used, the page will give you a confirmation message and will ask you to enter the password to confirm your identity, do so and then press " Change ".

Rules to consider when changing the name

With the above , you will already have been able to change your username in Minecraft on all platforms. The change has been made to your account, so no matter what version of the game you own, you already have that name. You will now see the rules you need to keep in mind before changing your nickname. The first of these is that the new nickname must be available.


Minecraft does not allow repeated names, so if the page indicates that the name is not available, unfortunately you will have to choose a different one or change the one you wanted. The second rule is that you will have to wait 30 days to change the name again, so try to make sure everything works and don't talk nonsense.

As rule number three, you can use the spelling however you want, with upper and lower case being set to your liking without any limitation, but the name can't be that long and it can't even have different colors (you can only put colored letters to the name from your server in Minecraft)

Finally, you should know that in the event that your account is blocked or banned from a server, changing your username will not affect this condition, so you will not be saved from your punishment.

And voila, now you know everything you need to be able to change your username in Minecraft on all platforms, so the doubt about that must have already been dispelled. Go to your game and let the fun begin.

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