How to change your phone number on Uber

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Quickly change your phone number

First open UBER on your mobile and select "Settings" . Then you will see the space showing your personal data; like the email, your name and phone number which is what we want to change. Now you can change your phone number, only at the end, don't forget to click on the “Save” button. 

As with most security methods, UBER performs verification to confirm that hai actually made changes to profile application personnel; therefore the app uses verification or confirmation codes.

It is worth remembering that this verification method differs depending on the personal information you have changed; that is, when you change the phone number in UBER, the application will send you a verification code via text message.

You simply have to enter this code in the UBER application to confirm the changes; once this is done, your new number will be registered correctly and you will be able to continue using the application as normal. 

Do this when you have trouble verifying

When asked for the verification code, tap the “I'm having trouble” link on the screen. Once there, select the option for send again the code via SMS and when you receive the code, enter the 4 digits and now you can enter the password to log in.

You can also use one of the security codes if you can't receive verification codes from a third-party security app or text message. When prompted for the verification code, tap the I'm having connection problems on the screen, select to use the 8-digit verification code, and enter one of the saved codes.

If you don't receive verification codes, you must first confirm that yours phone number is correct;  edit the phone number and tap the resend button on the verification screen to request a new code. 

Your mobile carrier may be blocking SMS that UBER uses to contact you , if so, contact their support team to confirm if you can get them. If you have not yet received them, click on the link "Verification SMS I am not receiving" at the bottom of the page.

In the latter case, you can visit the help section of the Uber page or contact Uber Trip Help, to get better support and permanently fix the fault, as long as it is related to the application.

It is very important to change or update the phone number in Uber

The phone number in UBER is essential, since without it it is impossible to register. P odrás easily creates an Uber account, both as a passenger and as a partner; Once you have registered your number, you can request a ride from wherever you are.

You will be able to use the Uber app easily, as long as the service is available, as your phone will give you access to all the features and options the UBER app offers you. 

When your ride request is accepted by an UBER driver, you can check the time needed on arrival of the driver; Not only that, you can also get notifications on your phone when your driver is about to arrive.

It also includes the name of the driver, vehicle registration, verification of the destination, as well as the evaluation of the trip; But in case you made a mistake in the destination address, you can cancel your Uber trip without any problems.

So keep your profile updated; By being up to date with UBER, you will be able to experience traveling with us quickly and safely, only if you can change or update your phone number in UBER.

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