How to check the CPU and GPU usage of my Android mobile?

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How to check the CPU and GPU usage of my Android mobile?

Continued use of cell phones can cause some perceived problems in the operation of these devices. L' temperature increase, performance degradation or suspension of operation can be the result of CPU and / or GPU overload.

Next, we show you everything you need to know to learn how to control the use of two of the most important components of an Android mobile phone: the CPU / GPU.

What is the CPU?

Are you wondering what a CPU is? CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is the main component of any computer, desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. It is also known as a processor and directs all the basic functions of a computer equipment.

What is the CPU for?

The CPU is used to execute and algorithms process the data that compose them. These algorithms are made by programs that have been installed on the computer including the operating system. Therefore, the CPU reads the instructions of each application and performs the necessary actions by writing the results into memory.

How does the CPU work?

La CPU reads the information on a specific operation to proceed with the decoding by dividing the instructions into parts that can be understood by the Module. Next, the instruction is executed by activating various parts of the CPU to generate a result. Eventually the results are sent.

What is the GPU?

If you have any questions about what a GPU is and how it works, we can guide you in this regard. GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit. It is the coprocessor of each computer and allows images to be viewed from a monitor. It is also known as a graphics card and is responsible for transmitting 2D and 3D images.

What is the GPU for?

The GPU serves to reduce the load on the Central Processing Unit, thus improving the computer performance and reducing energy consumption. This internal component basically allows you to view graphics through the monitor.

How does the GPU work?

La But by the full GPU acceleration tech performs vertex processing and pixel processing. It initially receives information about the vertices to manage the segment of the vertex to be displayed, the space and the rotation. Then, the pixel processing begins so that the images are displayed on the screen.

Check the CPU and GPU usage of your Android mobile

The Play Store offers a great tool to check the CPU and GPU usage of your Android mobile. We refer to an application called “CPU/GPU Meter & Notification & Monitor & Stats”. As the name suggests, this App promises to check CPU / GPU operation and other actions specified below.

Displays the percentage of use

The CPU / GPU Meter & Notification & Monitor & Stats application will show you percentage usage notifications to determine if there is a problem with the behavior of these main engines.

Displays data on CPU and GPU

The application will allow you to view relevant data on the CPU / GPU behavior such as the name, the architecture of each unit, the number of cores, the frequency, the RAM memory usage, the average temperature, the resolution, the pixel density and the battery status of your mobile.

Similarly, component data can also be viewed for computers. For example, knowing or measuring CPU temperature and many other similar processes.

In any case, as we said before, be aware of the temperature and many other factors such as CPU usage, it's not just about computers, it's good to know this information on your mobile as well.

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