How to clear Mercado Libre history on Android quickly and easily

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In a few steps you will learn how to get rid of the history that you have saved there for a long time and you don't need it, this version is only for mobile devices, but wait below we will tell you how to use it on other devices as well (PC, Tablet) to clear your browser search history that you no longer need.

Free market is an online shopping platform that has its own virtual wallet and is very popular since it covers several countries of Latin America, we can buy practically infinite items from furniture, household items, electronics, beauty, fashion and much more. If you want to start in the world of online shopping I recommend you download Mercado Libre for Android. Besides being a shopping page, you can too sell products in Mercado Libre if you want to take your business to another level.

Being a site where it is possible buy online, it is normal that it contains a lot of search history in it, it saves all our searches carried out on computer, tablet, mobile device but not forever, since with simple steps we can delete these old searches.

How to delete the history of Mercado Libre?

  1. In principle, we have to enter our application Free market  and log in with our account in case you are not logged in, if you already have the session open you can skip this step.
  2. We can view our searches when we click on the search bar and see our history, bearing in mind that the entire history is deleted.
  3. In the section that we observe in the lower left corner of the screen and that 3 horizontal lines are drawn, we press on it and a menu will appear.
  4. Let's check the option "My account" and we open a new tab in which we see all the data of our account. From there, too, we can access our virtual wallet.
  5. Let's look through the options of "Settings" and press to open this new section where we will find how to delete it.
  6. We will find the section "Personalization" and there a subcategory called "Chronology" when you press it opens a new window in which it asks us if we confirm that the history has been permanently deleted and we only have to click on “Delete” to confirm the action.

In this simple way we manage to permanently delete the history in Mercado Libre, please note that this method can be used in any account in the country.

The clearing of the history has been done only on the mobile, when you reopen your account on Tablet or desktop PC, you will see other search histories which in the same way you can permanently delete.

To be taken into consideration once the history has been cleared

It is important to understand that this does not alter the functioning of our application nor will the purchase or sales history within Mercado Libre be lost, only the purchase search history will be deleted.

This step by step will help you practice this technique in order to delete the history of our device in Mercado Libre, if you want to delete it on your PC you have to follow all the same steps that we did on our device, since the options and the menu are located in the same way as on our mobile.

In other articles we also teach you how to buy in Mercado Libre and not die by trying all the information you should know before opening your account in this famous online search portal, completing your information, connecting a credit card, connecting an account banking, virtual wallet creation and much more.

Was this article helpful for you to clear Mercado Libre history on Android? We hope so and invite you to keep looking for more Mercado Libre content on, with step-by-step guides best explained.

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