How to clear my Facebook search and activity history

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When we do a search on Facebook, it is logged. Each time you press on the search bar, you will be able to see the latest ones that have been created. However, if you have never cleared your searches from your "Search History" you will be able to see all the searches you have made since you created your account.

In turn, there is an “Activity log” in which everything we do on the social network is recorded. From leaving a comment, posting a photo, liking new friends we make, among other things.

In case you want to clean these records, for any reason. We will see a fairly simple and practical tutorial so that you can learn quickly how to delete your Facebook search and activity history.

Something extremely useful especially when you log into your account from a computer that is not only used by you or perhaps a jealous girl who checks your account from time to time.

How to delete my Facebook search history

  • The first thing you need to do is click on your profile picture. It is located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • Now you have to go up " Registro atasità ”Located in the lower right part of the cover photo.
  • In the left sidebar you have many options. Click on " Other ”To see everything.
  • Search the section " Search history ".
  • Here you can delete all searches you made one by one. Even if you want to get rid of all of them you should look at the top of this section.
  • You will be able to see a link that says " Delete searches ".
  • By clicking on it, a pop-up window appears. What you have to do here is to confirm by clicking on " Delete searches ". It's the blue button on the right side.

How to delete my Facebook activity

In case you wish delete your Facebook activity, it's a bit more complicated. However, we will try to explain it as simply as possible.

  • Go to your profile by clicking on your photo and name located next to the Facebook search bar.
  • Now in the lower right part of the cover, click on " Registro atasità ".
  • We will be able to view in the " Registro atasità ”Everything we have done on the social network. From the photos we publish, we comment, we like, passing through where we have been tagged, that we have shared, to when we stop following different people.
  • If you want to clean the activity log, you will have to do click on the pencil to the right of each action to remove it from this log.
  • It is not possible to delete the entire record like in the search history. So you will have to go one by one by deleting all the actions you have done in the social network.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you delete something from the activity log, it is not only deleted from this page. But in case of, for example, deletion of a comment, the comment in question is also deleted.

As you can see, it's not difficult at all delete my Facebook search and activity history. In just a few steps you can clean up one of these two sections of your account if you feel it is necessary.

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