How to clear or delete Instagram search history

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Sometimes we look for people, we follow the best hashtag and countless topics and all of this is logged in the search history of said application, it is sometimes annoying to check a letter and that all the search options appear because maybe we don't care about having them anymore.

Instagram is an interesting tool today to keep in touch with our loved ones and many use it to meet people or keep an eye on the life of their idols.

How to delete Instagram search history from mobile?

  1. First we need to access the Instagram application from our mobile device. Or download the Instagram application from the Play Store if you haven't installed it.
  2. We insert "Profile" and then the option that appears in the lower right corner of the screen as 3 horizontal lines indicating it is the main menu.
  3. When clicked, a menu moves to the center of the screen where we find the options, we select the "Configuration" option.
  4. Inside this new window Settings, we need to select the option "Safety" which will lead us to the final option of "Clear search history".
  5. He asks us if we want to delete everything, we will click and our history will be part of the past.

This is the option we have at hand for you to be able to delete the search history within Instagram, which is effective on mobile, tablet.

When we have to do it on Instagram but on the computer, they are different steps because they have a different format where we do not find the same buttons on the same sites, below we will explain how to do it on the computer so that you can also do it.

How to delete Instagram history from computer?

  1. We enter our computer, then the preferred browser within our main screen.
  2. When you access the page Instagram in our browser, we will look for the "Profile" option which will appear with the image of a doll ().
  3. Then within the profile we will look for the "Configuration" option which is located in the lower left corner of the page.
  4. Then we enter "Privacy and security", select the option "View account details" and click.
  5. On the next page you have the options, search "Search history" and click "See All".
  6. It will show us the “Clear Search History” option we will click and ask for confirmation, we will click Accept and it will be done.


The chronology we just have deleted on Instagram can be displayed when we perform a similar search, i.e. it is deleted temporarily and not permanently, this is a provision of the same company towards the history of its users.

The history will be completely cleared, it is not possible to delete only a part of its content or certain specific searches. When we delete the history, we will do it in its entirety, there is no way to do it partially or just to select one or two options within the search history.

It will not only delete the profiles you have recently visited, but also the locations and hashtags you have recently visited from your profile. We must keep in mind that both the computer and the mobile device must perform this action, because it can be deleted from the computer but not from the mobile and we must pay special attention to this.

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