How to clear the history of commands executed at the command prompt

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What is a command history? The command history is the saved list in which all the commands you have executed on your system are stored, whether to create logins, add profiles, to go to small keyboard shortcuts on your computer and much more.

From a command line you can start most of the functions that a PC offers, the best thing about these commands is that they are run from the internal system interface, that is, a history is created.

Without a doubt, commands have been an excellent shortcut when it comes to saving time when working on a computer or creating different shortcuts, but how do you see that history?

How to see the commands made in the system? To help you answer these questions, we encourage you to keep reading as we will show you how to find and delete them if you wish.

Clear the command history with a keyboard shortcut

Being able to see and execute the commands saved in the history can be of great help, because you can retrieve any of those executed commands, by simply pressing the up arrow you will be able to see each one, but if you just want to delete them, what should you do?

To help you clear that history up a bit, we'll give you a few tips that will help you clear your command history and the best thing is that you can do it using a keyboard shortcut.

To delete the famous command history, simply press the " Alt + F7 “, The entire list of commands executed by the system will be automatically deleted. And to check that you can press the up and down keys inside the cmd history window.

However, if you want to learn how to view and save command history, pay close attention as we will teach you how to do it in an easy way.

Save and view your system's command history by following these steps

The command line is a super useful tool that is presented in Windows versions 7, 8 and 10, this is why it can replace many third party programs, this means that it is a tool that helps you with your disk drive partitions, MBR or GPT partitions.

It also allows you to create bootable USB drive, update each BIOS file and many other benefits that will help you keep your computer in full working order to see your commands, you can follow this option:

Enter the series of commands and then enter the same window as the series of saved commands, simply by pressing the up and down arrow keys you will be able to see all the commands carried out in the system.

If you cannot see the commands do not worry, because the window may expire due to the large number of commands made to the system and to solve this problem do not just close the command window and reopen it.

Also save the commands it can be an excellent card in hand, as it will allow you to make shortcuts and sort files on your Windows computer easily and instantly. To save these commands you can do it by following two steps:

  1. Enter the command window.
  2. Add this code " doskey / HISTORY & gt; SampleHistory.txt ".
  3. Hit "Enter" and voila, your commands will be saved securely.

After following these steps, the command list will be automatically saved to your system. Your system will make a backup copy by saving the commands. Now you can apply those commands anytime you want.

We know that not many people know about the great benefits that commands offer, and if you are one of them, with this article you can see how useful they can be, with them you can avoid loading your computer with unnecessary applications.

We hope you have discovered an easier way to use, save and delete command history, now you can greatly improve the performance of your Windows computer. Now, let's get down to business!

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