How to clear the internet search history in the Bing browser

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That is why we have set ourselves the task of teaching you the different search engines and this time we will show you how to clear internet search history in Bing browser.

The Bing browser, formerly known as Live Search or MSM Search and it was created by Microsoft, now it has changed its appearance a lot. This search engine stores and uses your search history, so that it can provide us with personalized results. But sometimes we give you a lot of information about our personal data.

It also happens that when this browsing history contains a lot of information, it doesn't work optimally or correctly. Which allows you to generate certain errors during searches. Through the following tutorial we will teach you how to clear internet search history in Bing browser and therefore always have the best performance.

How to clear the internet search history in the Bing browser

Our tutorials, always focused on helping you to learn about new trends in the technological world and to train you so that you can manage all the Apps yourself. And surely you should already know how to remove or deactivate Bing in the Windows 10 start menu.

We must also remember that it is extremely important to know how to delete history in Bing browser. If we often share our PC with other people and here they can find very sensitive information that we definitely don't want to share with anyone.

To start we will go to the following Link, in it we will go directly to the our Microsoft account, to the Privacy section. This is because Bing is owned by Microsoft and all search history that has been archived is on our account. When we have entered the page we must log in.

Then we will create a clip in the General Info tab and then we will go to the bottom right where we will find the option View and delete browsing history. We have to make a clip on it and it will show us all the history of searches we have done and which are archived in this section.

Choose between clearing history or clearing searches individually

We can see that they are all, the ones made today, yesterday, last week, last month and so on since we started using this browser. Here at this point we can perform two actions, first we can choose each row which represents a search. And create clips on Delete option.

Or we can go to the top right, where the Delete Activity option is located and in this way delete the entire record. This way we will ensure that nothing remains in the browsing history. When you click on this option, a window will pop up informing us what will happen if we clear your browsing history.

If we are sure to delete it, we need to create a clip on the Delete option, this way we have deleted the history of Internet searches in the Bing browser. And we keep our privacy safe, as the information we seek through browsers only affects each of us as a user.

Every day there are more functions and services than companies like Google or Bing add to their platforms and it is of utmost importance to know them and learn how to use them. The potential that each of them possess is very great, but so little is known about them that making the most of what they can offer us would be a blessing.

This way we came to the end of another article, which offered you the guidelines you need to follow for clear the internet search history in the Bing browser. In a very simple and fast way and in this way protecting your privacy.

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