How to clone a USB stick or a Pendrive? Backup a Dongle? - Very easy

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Obviously it will depend on your circumstance to have one or more copies, depending on the document, file or program you want to manage, as well as the number of people who are allowed to enter.

Obviously having more than one copy will help you in case you lose one, you have another option to go in without losing the saved data.

We see How to clone a security key from a Dongle? And also How to Backup a Dongle? You can buy a Dongle on Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress

How to clone a USB stick or a Pendrive?

For this we have to do the following:

Step 1

We need to download emulators compatible with the program we need.

Step 2

Go to where the driver there choose the option Installa driver, select manual mode and click Save State to save the file.

3 pass

Now go to the tab where Emulator appears, find there the button that says Star Service, press it to start. There it will start running and the program will start running.

4 pass

After all this go now where it says Dongles there you upload the dng file you created. It does this by pressing the Load Dump option, you locate the file you created and load it.

5 pass

Here go where it is identified as Emulator, to check if you are properly loaded and running. Now you can use the copy of the key.

How to Backup a Dongle?

To be able to do this, you must have your PC with Windows XP up to Windows 10 with one of those that you can make a backup or a backup copy, but there are other alternatives, we will explain this step by step:

Step 1

You need to know which brand is the Dongle you are about to copy. When you already know the brand which can be HASP or Sentinel, search for the compatible emulator and download them.

Step 2

Now you need to clear the corresponding information of the Dongle with the appropriate program for the brand. Here at this point you need to know the Dongle brand of which you will backup, you must have compatible drivers.

3 pass

At this point you must have downloaded a program that allows you to perform the emulation, it could be NeoBit 11 that you will use to download a Dongle.

4 pass

Within this NeoBit 11 you will get the options of the different programs, there you choose the manufacturer you want, there are for example HASP or Sentinel.

5 pass

In this tab under the argument that says: "Dump and Solve" there is a blank space to name the file you want, only it must end with "dng" at the end.

6 pass

Hit this button that says « Download and solve "in so that the work continues.

7 pass

So we have to wait for the algorithms to be decrypted, it is also important that if it is a laptop you must have it connected to the mains so that it does not drain, as this process takes hours.

8 pass

There is a red bar that will indicate the progress, when I have finished everything then the file will be created that will be the backup copy of the Dongle, ready to imitate when you need it.

If you visit this article you will get information on how to transfer and save files from PC to USB stick.

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