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Wireless connection networks have been an extremely useful tool in every respect, providing the convenience of connectivity through any devicebe it a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or video game console.

To enjoy this wonderful result of technological advances, it is essential to have a router. These devices distribute the WiFi signal throughout the home or office.

Slow connections

However, keeping the network open can lead to certain problems. A large number of devices connected to the same network could result in its performance being significantly impaired.

That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with this type of equipment, to know how to improve its safety and avoid this type congestion of the device which can significantly slow down the Internet service.

Configuring the router

One of the first steps you should take to optimize the security of your WiFi router is to familiarize yourself with the way you access its configuration panel.

To access this panel or interface, you need to identify the IP address. The vast majority of these computers, regardless of make and model, usually coincide with the following addresses: " »Or» «.

Username and password of the router

Once the IP address is entered (you may also see it in the base of your router), the system should ask you to enter a username and password. By default, the word 'admin' is applied to both fields, so it is recommended that you search your router's configuration menu to change it.

These types of options are usually found in the passwords section. Change the username and of course the password that allows access to the router's web interface.

Security system

Another point of vital importance is related to the type of connection and password. Also in this case, it is not recommended that the network be free. Since a large number of people can connect without any authorization, the Internet becomes terribly slow.

Among the security options that any router can offer to protect you from WiFi invaders is the use of the system " WPA2-PSK «, Which allows you to establish passwords of up to 63 digits. The longer the password, the less chance someone will be able to log in.

You can also consult on the web, several pages that deal with formulating random passwords, which can be really difficult to crack. Of course, don't forget to write them down.

Hide your net from hunters

People looking for WiFi will always be on the lookout, ready to ask you for the key. One of the things that can betray you is the name of your network, which you have probably changed and put your name or surnames of your family.

By default, the network name refers to the model, the brand and manufacturer of the equipment, which makes it more obvious that it belongs to you. But… you can hide it.

Through the router configuration interface, you can make your equipment's SSID not appear as an available network in other devices, going completely unnoticed.

Use security filters

Another very useful tool to optimize the security of your WiFi router is the application of inclusion or exclusion filters of devices. In this sense:

  • You may indicate which devices are allowed to connect to the wireless network. To do this, you will need the MAC address of each of these devices. Your network may be free, but if an unauthorized device tries to connect to the network, it just can't.
  • Similarly, you can apply exclusions by checking the list of devices connected to the wireless network and disabling them. Here too it will be necessary to know the MAC address of the device to be excluded.

Protect your network from intruders

Don't wait too long to explore your router's configuration interface and optimize your WiFi network security avoid slow connections due to congestion of connected devices.

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