How to configure audio output in VirtualBox / Virtual Machine | Fix the audio problem

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Since Virtual Box is a tool that can be used at an enterprise level, it is important to know that this software allows you to configure and connect virtual machines to the Wifi network.

Through his versions, he has been concerned with causing a stir through the possibilities of using and performing simultaneous tasks within a computer.

Despite this, and depending on how the user installed and used it. It can generate errors that, while they may not seem like they are, are easy to fix.

What is VirtualBox about and how does it work?

This fantastic tool works like virtualization software provided by the Oracle company so that users have the ability to create virtual machines within the same computer.

If you don't know what a virtual machine is. This is a widely used method of running an operating system as an application within the system currently in use.

This way, you will be able to have a cross-platform of computers within the same computer to perform different types of tasks available in other systems.

It should be noted that this can only be installed on current or older versions of Windows, Solaris, Linux, OpenSolaris, Macintosh, OS / 2 e OpenBSD.


It currently has a constant development and release of new versions, so bugs are constantly being fixed and accompanied by new features and functions.

Methods by which virtual machine audio output can be configured

Because you will be performing a number of multiple tasks on different operating systems via VirtualBox. A configuration error may not allow audio output.

The solution lies within the virtual machine, the settings of which will determine the proper functioning of all aspects.

Update the software to the latest version

To do this, simply open the browser of the main operating system. That is, the one your computer usually has and type in the URL address bar " «.

Being the case that the sound of any of the operating systems does not work properly inside the virtual machine. Download and install the latest version.

When you are done with the procedure. Access YouTube or any multimedia content you have and press " Play »To see if the problem has been solved.

Enable virtual machine audio

Even though it sounds silly, it can be one of the most common causes of this problem. First you have to " Switch off »Your virtual machine and access the option» Settings «.

When you see the icon » Audio ", You have to press it and choose" Turn on audio »From the options that appear in the window.

Once selected, press the button » OK " and then " Start »To turn on the virtual machine, and thus be able to evaluate again if the problem has been solved.


Use guest additions

If for any reason you are still unable to configure the virtual machine audio output, Oracle offers software called Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions Wizard Setup.

When you have managed to download and install it, click » devices »From the toolbar and then on» Install guest additions «.

You have to accept the default options for this wizard to be able to see a small VirtualBox icon within the system tray to enable sound.

Once it appears, restart your virtual machine and then re-evaluate the audio output with some media or video that you can play via YouTube.

You can also find other programs that help your VirtualBox run more effectively like Aero Glass or Steam OS.

After completing all the tasks and jobs in VirtualBox, remember to save the state of your virtual machines.

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