How to configure or change the DNS of any router to improve the privacy and speed of my network?

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What is DNS? And what are the benefits of setting it up?

Are you wondering about DNS right now? router? Don't worry, we'll talk to you in simple words. DNS in English (Domain Name System) in Spanish it would be Domain Name System, its function is to translate or change from human language to machine, from web page names to IP addresses.

Router. It is a device that allows multiple computers and networks to easily connect to each other, they can share the same Internet connection. It is important to keep it updated. So it extends the signal to more than one computer at the same time. With this in mind we can deduce the benefits of configuring DNS.

By changing the DNS that we have by default, provided by the telecom operator, to another that has a reliable and secure support system, which acts as an intermediary to resolve the addresses URL that we enter more quickly and automatically, we will notice the browsing speed, we can have a parental control system (to prevent unauthorized web access).

We also have other extra benefits such as protect us from phishing (the risk of our bank details being stolen), there are ways to prevent this and we can avoid the danger of encountering malware (malicious programs).

It is also possible to access content that was inaccessible in our old DNS due to region locks. We can also have free public DNS servers. If you are already encouraged to take the leap to another level and enjoy a new experience while browsing the internet, let's start configuring our DNS router right away to improve your network speed ..!

Manual DNS configuration and network speed improvement

If you have Windows 10 / Windows 7. Go to the menu, go to the control panel, click on Networks and Internet, then click on Networks and Shared Resources Center, click on the connections part and in the window that appears click on Properties.

On the Network Features tab, point to internet protocol v4, it is good to know how it works. Right-click and assign properties again. In the window you will see several fields, activate the field in the DNS section that will allow you to enter the numbers that we will provide you later.

Automatic DNS configuration

There is a trick or program that facilitates the above procedure quickly and automatically. It's called DNS Jumper, you download it. When you open it, it's a small window with a very simple interface.

  • In the first field that mentions the network card, you will look for your network card in the list.
  • In the next field, select the DNS of your preference or we will provide you with the information so that you can choose the best DNS server for your connection.
  • click on Apply DNS. It's ready. So easy.

If you want to make the most of this tool and take advantage of its benefits, press the button Faster DNS. What will you find? In this area it will allow us to find the fastest DNS we need for our connection and also with respect to our location.

Click the Start DNS Test button, at that time it will perform speed tests. The DNS that are at the top of the list are the ones that have given excellent results.

  • Mark or copy DNS
  • Go to the main window or start menu
  • Look in the list for the DNS you copied and want to use
  • Scegliere
  • And click the button Apply DNS and voila ..!

Both procedures are simple. We hope that with all this wealth of information you can take advantage of it and we have helped provide you with a cheap option so that you can fix your slow internet connection. If you want to share your experience by following these tips, you can write to us!

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