How to configure the advanced options of my YouTube channel?

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One of the largest companies in the world is YouTube. It currently has one billion identification registered within its platform, which makes it one of the most used social networks of the moment. According to experts, this means in one third of all people that we are usually on the internet.

This is why it is possible to say that every day, all over the world, hundreds of people watch millions of hours within this social network where the main activity is to watch video. The application and website are owned by Google, another of the giants in terms of visits and traffic of content on the web. So you can easily access Youtube from your Google account.

In this sense, it seems common that many people simultaneously started their own channel within YouTube, as it has largely replaced various platforms video and still today it is already quite a profitable business.

For this reason, one of the basic functions of the page if you are already a registered user and with the aim of making it your business in the future, is to configure it in such a way that this is your trusted digital platform.

We want to explain in this post, the details with which you can have full knowledge of the configuration and procedures that this platform offers you, in order to adapt these services to your account.

Start with setting the language and country

This is one of the fundamental tasks, as well as being the simplest of all. It is also important that you take into account that if you want to join the “YouTube Partner Program”, these are one of the main steps. So it is mandatory.

This is because within this program, content creators are given the opportunity to monetize their videos and thus obtain various profits, thanks to the use of controlled advertising.

To configure the language and the country, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Start by logging into your YouTube channel.
  • Once inside, you need to go to the top right, where you can see your profile picture. Once there, go to the drop-down menu.
  • Inside, you need to locate the option that says " Language ”And then press on the option, to select the language you prefer.
  • Once ready, you need to choose the country you are in. For this, look again in the drop-down menu and locate the card " Location ". Once logged in, they will show you a list with all countries. Select yours and press accept.

Proceed by adding a website

One of the ways to generate even more traffic for your content is to deliver it to your pages and profiles. For this reason, millions of people worry about associating their site with their YouTube channel. Here we will tell you step by step how to do it:

  • Start by entering the option " Configuration ”And then entering the card "Advanced configuration".
  • Once inside, you have to go to your account icon and then choose the " Creator Studio ".
  • Once inside, enter the section " Advanced ". When it opens, you have to enter the section " Email associated ”, is there, where you have to copy the URL of the website you want.
  • After entering the URL, you need to click on the " Verifica ". Furthermore, if you are not the owner of that page, you should press the button " Request approval ”So that the real owner of the website grants you approval.
  • With this you will have configured the most important parts of yours website and everything will be ready so that your content can be seen by everyone in the world.

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