How to configure Windows Hello to log in to Windows 10 with fingerprint?

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Existing versions of Windows 10 are a breath of fresh air in front of all Windows users, not only weighing less than other versions, but also integrating features never seen before. For this reason, and in case you are not up to date, today's appointment is learn how to set up Windows Hello to log into Windows 10 with a fingerprint.

Now not only does the phone have biometric verification, you can also adapt your equipment to work with this and without the need to download any separate programs, this is a native program of Windows 10 itself, which It allows you to lock your PC via fingerprint, PIN and even face scan.

What is Windows Hello?

Before you learn how to configure Windows Hello to sign in to Windows 10 with your fingerprint, it's a good idea to update Windows 10 first even if you don't have enough disk space, as it's more feasible to work with the current edition.

And if you don't know anything about what's new in Windows, the term Windows Hello must be strange to you, but don't worry, it's a lot simpler than you think.

Since it is simply a security feature within Windows, which allows you to configure other methods to lock your computer more effectively,

The different methods are as follows: the PIN with which you can establish a numeric pin, a password which is basically that of your Microsoft account, a password image which is one of the most effective, you just have to choose a point from the list. you will click and the session will open automatically.


And finally, the three most complex and obviously the best are: the face only needs to have a compatible camera with this function and it will allow us to unlock the computer with the face.

There is also the fingerprint with a fingerprint reader, they can be configured to log in by placing your finger and not least a security key that works with a FIDO key, this is connected to one of the ports to unlock the PC.

Set up Windows Hello to sign in to Windows 10 with your fingerprint

Now, if it's time to get straight to the point, how you can configure Windows Hello to log into Windows 10 with a fingerprint without burning your computer in the process.

The first thing is to meet the requirements, you must have Windows updated and verify the Windows 10 dynamic lock, you must also have a Microsoft account, not local, and finally, for the more advanced biometric functions, you must purchase compatible hardware.

Ie an infrared camera in case of face verification, i FIDO keys and a fingerprint scanner if you want to unlock it with the same (laptops are sold today).

To configure the latter, the steps are as follows: first go to " Settings "(You can get there with a keyboard shortcut to shorten the times, which is Windows + I), then go to the option" Account "And enter there.


Once inside you just have to go up "Access options" and authenticate with your PIN or password, and inside you will see a section called "Windows fingerprint greeting", select it and once there just follow the steps (basically it's to place your finger until your fingerprint is set).

Finally, and as is the case with phones, you need to set up a security PIN in case the fingerprint reader fails and that's it. With that, you already know everything you need to know about setting up Windows Hello to log into Windows 10 with a fingerprint, so go ahead and improve your safety once and for all.

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