How to connect a game console to a PC HDMI monitor

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Consoles allow users to enjoy playing games, but if you don't have a TV to connect the console you shouldn't worry, as you can connect it to your PC monitor.

It is a simple procedure that must be performed in order to be able to enjoy the video games on the computer screen that you have, you just have to check the input of both computers and have the connection.

How to connect an HDMI PC monitor to a game console?

Do you know that it is possible to play the PlayStation 4 console on your PC? Yes, you can enjoy video games from the monitor screen.

To connect a console to a PC monitor, you first need to check the video inputs that the PC has available, if it has VGA o DVI you can check which type of cable to connect.

Then you can find the HDMI to DVI cable, because the cable complies with the HDMI 2 standard in case you have an updated video game console such as the PlayStation 4, to be able to project its digital output on a screen.

There is also the HDMI to VGA adapter cable, but you have to be careful, as you should check that the HDMI output is not standard but version 2 is compatible with the new game console as the PlayStation 4 has the version output HDMI video 2.

Then you can connect the PlayStation 4 using the HDMI to DVI cable, then the HDMI end connects to the console and the DVI to the monitor.

So you can turn on the PlayStation 4 and then you have to change the input from the monitor screen so it has to be set to "digital" ; on some monitors the modification is done digitally and on others it must be done manually.

Once this step is done, you can find the PlayStation menu on your PC monitor, which is a simple procedure.

Similarly, the procedure can be performed with the HDMI to VGA cable if the VGA input it is located on the back of the computer, also you need to check that the cable is correct, as in some computers it does not work.

Connect the game console to the PC with the help of a converter

Initially, the computer should be checked to find the appropriate monitor and the console should also be checked, as the old ones do not have HDMI input, so you need to implement the help of a converter to be able to connect correctly.

Having the help of a converter is necessary if the console does not have the required input, so the converter helps to convert from HDMI a DVI to connect to the monitor.

So you just need to connect the console cable to the converter which is very simple, you just need to check that the colors of the cables match those of the converter so that there is no error.

Together you can connect the HDMI cable to the converter and the other DVI or VGA end to the monitor, the cable is chosen according to the input of the computer. Also, to make the connection, yes recommend pay for the equipment.

Finally, the game console and monitor can be turned on to perform the desired process. So if you only have one input, you can see the game console options on the monitor screen.

It's a simple procedure, you just have to check which input the monitor should have able to select the cable. Also, you have to see if the console has an HDMI input, usually the new consoles have the input but the old consoles don't, for this reason you need to use the converter.

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