How to connect a PS4 to the Internet with a Wi-Fi or mobile network?

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In short, it is convenient to connect to a Wi-Fi network to keep everything updated and to be able to enjoy all the games that have options to live great online adventures accompanied by different players around the world.

Today we will look at how to connect your PS4 to a Wi-Fi network and also how you can connect to one mobile network, even if it's not something for you. Regardless of the differences between PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, this tutorial will serve you equally for both.

How to connect PS4 to a Wi-Fi network

Let's see step by step what you need to do to connect your PlayStation 4 to a Wi-Fi network. The process is simpler than you think:

  • The first thing we will do is go up " Red ".
  • After that we have to access " Configure Internet Connection ".
  • Here we will select " Usa Wi-Fi ".
  • Now we have to choose " Easy ". What will happen is that all available networks will be displayed. What you need to do is choose yours and then enter the password.

If the password is correct, your PS4 will be connected to Wi-Fi and you will not have to set it up again as the console will remain connected to that network until you decide to delete it manually.

On the other hand, remember that it is also possible to delete browsing history and cookies on PlayStation 4, which is useful once you start using the internet on your console.

How to connect PS4 to a mobile network

Basically it is done in the same way we discussed above. Only first we will have to prepare the mobile network to be able to find it in the console.

  • For this we will go up " Settings ".
  • So let's go up " Internet and network ".
  • Here we have to choose " Hotspots and portable devices ".
  • Let's make click its " Wi-Fi Hotspost ”And then we move the switch to activate the mobile network.
  • Depending on the Android version and the level of customization, instead of " Hotspots and mobile devices ", It might appear" Portable Wi-Fi zone ", In this case then we have to go up" Configure Portable Wi-Fi Zone ".

Once we are ready to connect the PS4 to the mobile network that we have recently created, we must follow the same steps that we leave you at the beginning of this article.

What you should keep in mind is that a mobile network is slow compared to a Wi-Fi connection, so you won't be able to fully enjoy any online game. Also, PS4 consumes a lot of data and transfers, which means that if you have a limited plan you will end up consuming all of its data in no time.

It doesn't matter if your data plan is 5GB or 10GB, we can assure you that between a few games played you will no longer have mobile data. Also, you will have a rather bad experience as your ping will be very high due to the slow connection of your mobile network.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to connect the PS4 to a Wi-Fi network in order to enjoy the online games offered by the Sony console. By using a mobile network, we will not only have a bad experience, but we will consume all the mobile data.

On the other hand, understanding the rise of new consoles, if you wonder which PlayStation 4 games will be compatible with PlayStation 5, you can read the information we have about it.

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