How to connect a Sony / Samsung / LG / HiSense Smart TV to an audio system

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Ma each model and brand has its own peculiarities, and sometimes making the right connections is a tremendous headache.

Therefore, this guide provides a set of instructions to run them from Smart TV Sony, Samsung, LG e HiSense a depending on the case.

Connect a Smart TV to your audio equipment

To connect a Smart TV to an audio system being the first of the Sony, HiSense or other brand, you must first have an RCA audio cable.

This can be found at any local electronics store. You have to make sure it has a measurement of 3,5 mm in the " Jack »Or tip.

Of course, how we can establish an audio connection will always be conditioned by the external device that will be used.

But, in general, the standard and most used input by them is the one we have at hand (RCA), thus being the most universal of all.

So, the next thing is to look at the back of the TV, which has a number of inputs come HDMI, Digital Audio Optical and others.

Then, among all these, the RCA will be placed, which is the cable input you have, which will come with an inscription that says " Audio out «.


It is at that point where the connection of the cable end to the single end will be made or also known as " Jack «.

While, on the other hand, the audio system will use the part with two cables with similar tips that will have a red and yellow color respectively.

Generally there will be four doors with the same colors (two red and two white or yellow), where they can be connected.

This just means you can have two audio outputs, that's why you have to choose one to continue (making sure they are in matching colors).

Configure the audio connection

Once the connection is successful, you just need to enable the external device that has been connected with the RCA to the Smart TV.

This will depend entirely on the TV model and its brand. Usually this is done via the settings box.

You can access it with the button » Home »On the TV remote control. And within the configuration find the segment for " Sound «.

In the case of Android devices such as Sony, in this section select » Speakers ", so " TV speakers » e » Audio speakers «.

Remember that not all devices have the same system, so the way to enter the configuration may be different.


Likewise, connecting a Smart TV to another brand's audio equipment can be mechanically the same but not in adjustments. Even if everything is summarized in the audio section or it will just be done automatically.

Configure the sound system to recognize the Smart TV

Normally, the audio equipment setup to fully match the connected TV or visual device can be done manually.

But there is another, more automated way to do this and it is through a fairly practical application called " Soundtouch «.

A wide range of equipment from different brands can be configured through it, but it works perfectly with Bose equipment.

To get to the configuration, access the App and click on the option » AUX «, Which will show you a list of auxiliary connections from which you will have to choose the one used to connect the Smart TV.

The use of Smart TVs today has allowed users to enjoy streaming channels more comfortably, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu. One way to get the most out of Smart TVs is to install apps and games. Or by downloading Google Chrome on your Smart TV

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