How to connect a soundbar to an LG Smart TV via Bluetooth - Very easy

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Smart TV technology encompasses a series of smart TVs launched on the market in recent years, from brands such as SONY, LG, Samsung, Hisense which allow connection to a Wi-Fi network. It is a television that not only has the ability to broadcast films, series, documentaries or programs such as ordinary ones. If not, it also allows you to view all the options and tools for browsing the Internet on the screen.

A Smart TV allows the reproduction of Blu-Ray productions, the broadcasting of exclusive online satellite television platforms such as Netflix, and a whole catalog of operations available, using the mobile phone as a remote control.

How to connect a soundbar to an LG Smart TV via Bluetooth?

A Smart TV allows the storage of content to be viewed later on other devices, the real-time recording of a series, a soap opera, a football match, among others. Synchronization with other devices to share information, being able to download applications such as Google Play and download Chrome

There are also adjustments you can make on a smart TV to further expand the experience. Among these is to synchronize a soundbar to increase the quality of hearing. This process comes performed via Bluetooth pairing.

For this, it is only necessary to adjust both devices in the following way:

  • Let's put the button "Source" on the remote control or on the bar remote control.
  • This option redirects us to "Bluetooth input in the soundbar"
  • After clicking on this alternative, the bar will go into "Method of association"
  • Now we have to go to the remote control of the Smart TV
  • We locate the button that has the shape of a cogwheel (it symbolizes a nut and indicates the panel Settings or tools)
  • Among the settings menu you will find an option called "Audio"
  • We report in it and click on "Audio out"
  • click on "Device selection"
  • So we have to select the name our soundbar has in the connected devices. Once pairing is complete, the sound will start streaming into our soundbar.
  • By implementing the union of these devices, the experience while watching a film or a series of programs will in fact be similar to that of a movie theater, increasing the quality of the sound effects.

General aspects of an LG Smart TV

LG TVs integrate cutting-edge technology into the design of their smart panel, which can be operated easily and with a control knob or remote designed for itself.

A smart TV it must be connected to the Internet to provide the customer with all services. Without this option, its uses are reduced to those of any other television.

From this device you can access any social network or website. At your convenience, Internet access will not have any kind of limitations, as television is the same in every way as a computer.

There is exclusive content for smart screen users, so you can enjoy thousands of unique applications for family fun. Other than that, it has one upgradeable technology. This means that all available tools will be continuously improved and you will be able to acquire them at no cost and on time.

Smart detection is another plus point, the device instantly detects and connects with any equipment including soundbar, game console, mobile device, tablet and many more.

Users can connect with other people from anywhere in the world via the Skype application or via webcam, organized on the TV. Smart TV is compatible with Android devices such as smartphones, tablet, iPhone, Apple, iOS, Windows, MacOs, ChromeOs and many more.

Smart TV technology does not have in itself any negative aspect that can be named. However, in some places it may not be so accessible that all users can use this device.

Smart TV is everything and more than families have ever dreamed of with thousands of apps available.

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