How to connect an Xbox One to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable?

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Video games have evolved over time, every day there are different ways to have fun and together with their evolutions, the consoles also adapt themselves in a fascinating way to the requests of the players. In this case we will talk about Xbox One, a console that has been perfected throughout history, but how connect an Xbox One to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable? Find out here.

The Xbox One

To get started with this article, let's talk a little bit about what it is Xbox One   and which advantages you get when you connect it to the internet.

Xbox is a console Microsoft company designed for gamers and distributed worldwide. Xbox One is the third line of Xbox consoles and the main goal is to overtake its closest rival, which would be the console from the Sony company, namely the PS4.

This console has excellent improvements e alcune of its specifications are:

  • Processore AMD a 8 core a 64 bit.
  • 8 Gb of DDR3 RAM and 32 Mb of ESRAM memory.
  • Internal hard drive with 500 Gb of storage space.
  • 6x Blu-ray player.
  • Wi-Fi or cable internet connections.

The advantage of having this console connected to the Internet is that you can have the most popular video games of the moment and play them online with people from all over the world. Additionally, Xbox One has a special store called Xbox Live.

With Xbox live you can play online and with the paid subscription for 12 months gives you the opportunity and access to incredible offers such as Games With Gold. Here you can download one or two free games to have them on your console.

Connect Xbox One to the Internet with Wi-Fi

To connect our console to the internet using a Wifi network we can do it in two different ways, automatic or manual. The way to connect will depend a lot on the signal of our internet, that is, if we have a good signal we will be able to connect automatically

automatic connection, in the initial interface we select the option that says "Xbox Live". Once there, hit all settings.

We select network and there we will automatically see our Wifi connection available for connection. If we have problems with the connection automatic. It will be better to do it manually.

Il manual connection is done as follows. Once we are in the network option, we will select the "advanced configuration" option.

Then 3 options will appear, “IP configuration”, “IPv4 DNS configuration” and “Alternate MAC address”. We select il first e let's make click on the automatic option, this in order to know the values ​​that our connection has.

After doing that, we enter the first option again, but this time we will do it manually. There we will put all the data they ask us Manually. Finally, let's exit the “advanced configuration” option and it will automatically check the connection.

This will solve the problems for us and allow our console to have an internet connection via Wifi.

Connect Xbox One via Internet cable

In case you want to connect your console to the internet by wiring, the steps are quite simple.

We will plug the network cable into the slot located on Retro of our console. So in the home interface, we need to enter the configuration.

Once there, we will enter the network, there we will see that the connection has no problem and for this we will press the option that says "verify connection".

If we have the connection internet without problems we will see a message that says "all services are available". So we can start enjoying ourselves to the fullest when using this console.

As we see in this article, configure and connect your console to the Internet so that you can fully enjoy the best experience in online games thanks to this console from Microsoft as Xbox One. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and follow them to view more information.

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