How to connect and add social networks to my Facebook profile

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Facebook has enabled special spaces in which it is possible to insert buttons or specific links, where it is possible to insert various automatic links to addresses in order to immediately reach their profiles on others social network.

these buttons come to have a small sign of the social network to which it belongs and is located at the top of the web page. All this to have an easy and direct access once you have entered the chosen facebook profile.

How to connect your other social networks to your fanpage

If you have a fanpage on Facebook, you just have to follow these simple and quick steps to be able to connect those social networks that you want to have more promotion on your profile. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. To get started, you need to go to the Facebook search engine and type in the name: FnMaker. This is an application that helps you to connect the links of your social networks, especially yours Facebook fanpage.
  2. Once located, you just have to press the application and a new tab will immediately open, in which you will be able to see all those pages where you have an account. In this way, FnMaker will allow you to create an immediate link between your fanpage and these social networks.
  3. If the page you want to connect is your twitter profile, all you have to do is press the icon of that application. A button with the name of will appear "Twitter tab for pages" and once pressed, you need to open the Twitter session, then click on the option "Install app".
  4. When you press it, a new tab will open, giving you the option to choose which of your fan pages you want your Twitter profile button to be placed on.
  5. Proceed to select your fanpage and click on the “Add page tab” option, once done, you will see that automatically, your Twitter tab will appear on the selected fanpage.

And voila, everything will be ready, as with these same steps you can even add accounts instagram, youtube, among many others.

The positives and negatives of linking social media profiles

Marketing and social media experts are convinced that if you want broad and recognizable growth, it is important to promote and empower all those networks where you want your users to reach. This way you can ensure that all your profiles are seen by all users who are in your network Facebook.

However, it is important that all of your networks are always up to date and with new content every day. All this can be achieved by a special study of your users, based on their tastes and the way view your content.

However, it is possible that you leave some of your networks aside, so you need to be sure that the networks you connect will be the same ones that will come. updated daily basis.

Because if any of these fall into abandonment, when a user searches for information from this network, he will not find what is needed and will abandon the search. With these tools, everything will be ready to reach many more users.

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