How to connect and use a PS3 controller as an N64 controller

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However, these emulators have a major problem: there is no possibility to connect a control of said console to it. This can be a disadvantage as most users prefer to play with the controllers rather than the keyboard.

Despite this there are some possible solutions. It is the case of connect a PS3 control and replace console control that we are emulating on our computer.

This type of control is an idea, since it has a USB port that is easy to connect to your PC ; It has 16 buttons, more than enough to sync any old controller and has a lot of sensitivity, so if you want to make slow movements, with just a slight flick of a joystick, the game character will hardly move.

Download the emulator

First you need an emulator that allows you to play with a PS3 controller. There are many very good emulators, however we recommend the emulatore Project 64.

It should be noted that to download the emulator you will need to create an account. The truth is very simple and it is necessary since otherwise it will not allow us to download the emulator.

After registering, we will receive a confirmation email with the code login required to access and download the emulator.

Download the PS3 controller

This is the next step we will have to take, as it is essential to have a driver that allows the emulator to recognize and configure a PS3 controller as a Nintendo 64 controller.

A good recommendation is the Motionninjoy controller. You have to search for it in your favorite browser, wait 5 seconds to be able to skip the advertisement and download the latest version (0.6.0005).

After downloading the driver you will need to unzip the file and install it. After installation you will see the icon on the desktop that you need to open for configuration control.

Configure the PS3 controller as an N64 controller

Once the PS3 controller is open, you need to connect the controller as a USB port. It should be noted that Windows installs the control on the port you plug it into, then It is important to remember where you plugged the remote control so that it always recognizes it.

Once the computer has recognized the controller, you need to open the PS3 controller again, select the controller and click on the option Load driver. The process is extremely fast and you will quickly recognize the check.


In the profile section, you can configure the remote control as you want, it can be through Bluetooth or USB connection. Likewise, you can choose options so that the lights turn on when the battery is running low.

Configure the emulator

The first thing to do is open the emulator and click on the options section, then select the configuration option to be able to configure the Plugin.

You can try to see which setting you like best and best suits your gameplay, but you can always use the default settings.

After the general configurations, we will have to move on to the control configuration option to set the Nintendo 64 control buttons in our PS3 dualshock. You have to select the option MotionJoy virtual game controller and the game it's done, choose the buttons and choose what function it will perform on the PS3 controller.

Then a a game It will be emulato. Of course you will have to download it beforehand but it is quite simple. Simply enter the Nintendo 64 Roms in the browser of your choice and voila.

It is important to note that you can save the progress of your games with this emulator. To do this you need to go to the system option and then click on the “Status” option current game saved ”And we will be able to select any available slot to save your game“.

It should be noted that if you have two PS3 controllers you can set them both up and play with your friends without any problem. Alone to remind that each USB port on your computer will install a control and once each control is installed, you need to connect to these USB ports.

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