How to connect LG, Samsung, Hisense and Sony Smart TV to the Internet via WiFi

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Connect a Samsung Smart TV to the Internet

There are two ways to connect the Samsung to the web, this is wired or wireless. But this tutorial only focuses on the latter.

Therefore, it is necessary to press the button called " Home "Or" Menu ”Located on the remote control of the TV.

This will take you to the settings and device features section, where you will proceed to locate the option " Network "And therefore" Network configuration ".

A list of alternatives will appear, among which we will select the one called " Connect via WiFi ".

This will display all available wireless networks close to the range of the Smart TV. You choose the house and enter the password.

Likewise, it can be achieved via the WPS option, which is achieved through the same network configuration section.

The above-mentioned option is selected and the steps that the device will take for the connection to be successful are followed. There key is not required in this method.


Connect LG smart TV to WiFi

The way to connect an LG Smart TV to a wireless network is via the configuration button on the remote control.

If it is not present, it can be accessed from the " Home ”And explore it until you find the TV settings section.

This will show a side menu which will be on the left side of the screen, within this you have to find and select " Network connection ".

Also, look for the option that says " Start connection ". At the same time, all available networks will be exposed and the local network will be chosen to enter the password and enter.

Connect a Hisense Smart TV to a WiFi network

As expected, we will use the remote control to complete the internet connection by selecting the " Home "Or" Menu ".

A small screen will appear on the left side at the bottom, where you need to select " Settings ”To continue.

In the settings section, you need to find the box " Network ”Which is usually found in the second line of options on the left hand side.

Pressing on this will display a list of alternatives, among which there should be one with the name " Network configuration ".

Clicking on it will display a list of the closest or available wireless networks, only the home one is selected and you can log in by entering the password.


Connect Sony Smart TV to the wireless network

Connecting a Sony Smart TV to a WiFi network is similar to that of the other brands mentioned.

So, the way to achieve this is to select the famous button " Home ”On our control, which will take us to an options screen.

Within this, we must identify what it says " Settings Which will take us to the device configuration section, where important changes are made.

Then, you have to find and click on the box " Network "Or" Network "(Depending on the language) and there, choose" Network configuration ", Which in English will say" Network configuration ".

Then select " Configure network connection ”And the method by which you want to connect to your home WiFi.

Being the manual, we proceed to the choice of the connection configuration and follow the steps indicated by the device to complete the connection.

After connecting your Smart TV to the Wi-Fi network, proceed with exploring everything you can do with your device. Another benefit you can find is the ability to connect it to an audio system without the need for a cable.

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