How to connect my Android mobile to TV without root and with root

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For many users it has been a serious headache, since it is very difficult for them to do this, but here we will teach you quickly and easily, the best ways and without complications, to mirror your Android screen with or without ROOT to a TV.

This way you can make the most of all the quality content on your Android and enjoy it on a big screen.

Connect my Android mobile to cable TV

It is one of the most popular options for Android phones. Some smartphones have a port micro HDMI and others allow connection via a Mini USB port using an adapter.

If your mobile has a Micro HDMI connector

The door micro HDM I  it is similar to mini USB and is therefore often labeled as "HDMI". If your phone has such a port, what you need to do is connect a compatible cable (micro HDMI to HDMI) between the terminal and a TV with HDMI input to instantly see your mobile screen.

If your mobile only has a USB connector

If your Phone does not have a Micro HDMI connector, you can only connect it with the USB cable. But your phone needs to be compatible with MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) or Slimport technology.

If not, the USB port will not work with the TV. Also, you will need a compatible cable or adapter. In the manual or in the packaging of your mobile you can see if your terminal is compatible with MHL or Slimport.

If your mobile is MHL compatible, you will only need one active MHL cable. On the one hand it connects to the USB port of the mobile phone and on the other hand to the HDMI of the TV. It is called active because it has a third USB connector that goes to the mains, such as a USB charger or a USB port on the TV.

Connect your Android wirelessly

In this case, the process is much simpler. To connect your Android phone to the TV you can do it via one Wifi connection, or with a peripheral such as a Chromecast.

The Chromecast is a small device made by Google that looks similar to a USB memory fellow worker alone to the HDMI port of the TV. For this, we need to configure it so that it can connect Chromecast to our home WiFi network.

Once our mobile is also connected to WiFi, we can play all its contents on the TV screen via compatible applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, HBO GO, among others, these applications can be downloaded from Google Play.

In case you don't have this tool, no problem. Since you can connect your Android to TV via your home's Wi-Fi connection. For this, you need to have one Smart TV that you accept the transmission of content via an Android device and that your mobile phone has an operating system version higher than 4.2. However, if you have an old TV, there is a possibility that with your Android phone you can turn it into a Smart TV.

Once these requirements are met, proceed with the following steps

1. Make sure your TV and mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

2. It depends on the version of Android your mobile phone has, you need to display the Quick Settings window and select the option “View or” transmit.

3. Or, failing that, go to your phone's Settings, in the Screen section, select the option Transmit the screen.

4. As a final step, we select the TV on which we want to convey. Then a message will appear on the TV screen that we must confirm and follow the instructions to connect the mobile phone correctly.

After reading this post and following the instructions here, you will be able to enjoy all the contents of your Android device comfortably and without complications on your TV screen and you can also use your Android mobile phone as a Smart TV remote control.

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