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Means a web application or a direct link within the same system, it is usually on our screen, where we will find the solution to our problem, thanks to the user support. In relation to this article you may also be interested in How to connect to the Windows 10 remote desktop to access files | A guide

There is a very important option that allows us to help those in need without the need to be nearby or to take the PC to a specific place. This tool it gives us the possibility to connect from any place, to the place where the user is and therefore to be able to give remote support.

How to create a remote desktop from macOS Sierra to Windows 10

Start by logging into Windows 10, the properties that the system has, in this way we just have to right click on the Windows icon and then select the option that says: System.

1. Once there, we just have to select the option called " Protection of system ”once there we will go to the“ Remote Access ”tab. Within this box, it is important to ensure that the “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” box is checked so that you know it is enabled. Similarly, we need to check the “Allow remote connections to this computer” box. Once all these configurations are ready, we just have to press the button " Apply " and then " OK ".

2. To establish the connection between MacOS Sierra and Windows 10, it is important that you have previously installed the Microsoft Remote application desktop, which we can find in the App Store.

3. When all the previous steps have been done, we can see that when we run the application in MacOS Sierra, a window with more options and buttons will appear.

4. To begin the connection process, we must press the New button and in it we must enter the information that corresponds to the equipment to which we will connect. For this step the ipconfig command is usually used, with which in Windows 10 you can find out what the IP address.

5. Once we have this information, we just have to enter the credentials they will give you access to Windows 10. You will notice that below there are a number of different settings and values ​​that we can configure to our liking. When we have defined these values ​​we will see that the connection with the instrument has been created and everything will be ready to start.

From here, simply pressing the Start button we will see how the process will start and there will be a connection between macOS Sierra and Windows 10.

MacOS Sierra and Windows 10 with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is one platform famous and used all over the world. Which thanks to its efficiency and versatility, makes available to users a complete tool to carry out more remote connections. To be able to use this platform on macOS devices, you just need to follow the following instructions:

  1. To get started, you need to download the TeamViewer application, an action that you can perform at the following link: Download TeamViewer
  2. Once the application is installed, we just have to start with the connection TeamViewer, so the process we will perform is similar to what we did with the previous instructions. TeamViewer must be installed correctly on both computers for this connection to have success.
  3. We will start by opening TeamViewer in Windows 10 and once there we will see that a window will open with a series of options in which we can see the following information: ID number and password
  4. The above-mentioned data must be entered in the TeamViewer application of both computers, paying particular attention to the Windows ID in the Partner ID field.
  5. Once you have entered the data, we just have to click on "Connect with partner" and you will see that it will start to display a window in which we have to enter the password that TeamViewer has given us.

Next, we will press “Start session” and the connection process with the other computer will begin automatically.

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