How to connect two computers to an external hard drive with two USB outputs?

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How to connect two computers to an external hard drive?

Connecting via USB cable might be the easiest way, but keep in mind that this is a method that requires tools. Most external hard drives have a pair of USB connectors, but that doesn't mean they can be used at the same time.

Note that hard disk use will need to be coordinated if both computers are turned on at the same time. The most recommended and least risky thing is to use a Switch, this computer tool allows you to connect a device via USB and distribute the information. Basically it is the safest way to make this type of connection, the risks of not doing it with this device are quite high.

Connect two computers to an external hard drive using a switch

These tools are designed to allow multiple access to any USB connected device, they can be found in different types. First, you need to choose the Switch you need, although most have at least 4 ports for other devices, you can only find two. Once you have the Switch, you need to plug in the hard drive, it will be through the only USB input that these distribution devices usually have.


For computers it is necessary to use the USB ports which are usually parallel to the previous one, choose a Switch that has the appropriate connectors. This is because, normally, they can include different types of USB, A or B, remember that this can be used to connect different types of devices.

Once this is done, all you have to do is turn on the computers and you will have access to the hard drive easily and without any risk. Please note that some of these switches may require additional power to be used with an external hard drive.

Why NOT connect computers to external hard drives without a broker?

If you already have an external hard drive, you should know that to work it requires a power supply, normally supplied by the PC it is connected to. This will make the disk work with peace of mind, but the problem is when we connect two or more devices, this is where the risks begin.

It is counterproductive to directly connect two devices to a hard drive because that (although it may not happen) often creates excessive load that can damage the hard drive.

Excess electricity can cause the hard drive to short out, losing any information it may contain. This is why it is not recommended to connect more than one computer directly to the hard drive, it is more of a preventative measure.

Wireless method for connecting computers

Many people, when the connection with said hard disk must be constant, prefer to use more " simple ”And also cheaper rather than buying multiple Switches.


The first thing to do is to connect all computers to the same network, for this you can use a network router, a Wi-Fi connection or via cabling. In this method, you need to connect the hard drive to one of the computers, giving it access to files directly.

To make the disk accessible to other users on the network, it must be enabled, taking advantage of the ability to share files with network users.

Follow the steps, right click the drive> "Properties"> "Sharing"> Check the boxes for "Share this file on the network" e "Allow network users to edit files".  With this step you will have achieved that all those who are network experts can access the data, keep in mind that this is ideal only for private networks.

And that's it, you're done, so it's time to go. If you have a problem that has not been raised here, such as an external hard drive showing up or Windows detecting it, then you should search for a solution to this problem on the internet or get advice, because doing it yourself is risky.

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