How to connect two or more Bluetooth devices on the same PC

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And in this way you can share your media files with your smartphones. You can also connect multiple speakers that use this path to connect.

Technology is making great strides and it is possible that in the not too distant future we will be able to connect via electrical sources and no other way will be needed. For now we continue to use the ones that exist and this is something we have shown you previously. Where it has been verified that it is possible to send and receive files via Bluetooth from Linux to Windows.

How to connect two or more Bluetooth devices on the same PC

To connect two or more Bluetooth devices on the same PC, you first need to know if you have this type of connection. Otherwise it will be impossible for you to connect wirelessly and you should not use annoying cables, which restrict your movements. But then we will tell you what you should do so that you know if your PC has the Bluetooth.

Most laptops have this device in their hardware, as do modern personal computers. Already the use of cables is becoming a tool that will soon disappear. And wireless connections will be getting stronger, so let's see how to know if our PC has this connection.

To be clear about this information, let's start by checking it on computers running the Windows operating system. To do this we go directly to Control Panel via the Windows Start button. After the window opens, we need to look for the Device Manager option and a new window will open.

In this window, the different devices that our PC has are shown in a list and if there is Bluetooth, we should see it. When we locate it, we have to click on this device to verify that it is actually working correctly. If we don't have Bluetooth, we'll have to buy one that connects via the USB port.

In case our PC functions with il sistema operativo Mac OS, it is very likely that they already have a Bluetooth device by default.

But in the same way we will go through the following steps to be able to verify it. To do this, we go directly to the main button and click on the option About this Mac, a menu will appear and in it we choose the option More information.

Now we will have before our eyes a list of the devices that are integrated into the PC, as well as the Software. And we can see very easily if Bluetooth is integrated and if it is activated. Likewise, if not, you need to buy a USB adapter so that you have a connection Bluetooth.

Steps to connect two or more Bluetooth devices on the same PC

Now that you have verified that you have a Bluetooth device to connect wirelessly to yours PC. The first thing you should do is activate it so that it can detect which teams they want to mate at that moment.

Now you have to activate Bluetooth on your mobile device or if it is a speaker you have to turn it on and activate the pairing mode.

Many times you may not be able to establish this type of connection, so it will be necessary download an App which will allow you to do it very easily. From virtual stores you can download very good ones. Depending on which one you have installed, you can basically perform the following procedure.

First activate the Bluetooth, activate the device or mobile phone and press pair in the application choose the device to pair from the menu. So plug them in and voila, you have connected two or more Bluetooth devices on the same PC.

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