How to connect your mobile to the Android TV Box - Quick and easy

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It is that surely, we do not cease to surprise ourselves with the significant progress that the developers are getting to keep us always on the alert. And it is that until about 10 or 15 years ago this was totally impossible. But the evolution of technology has come and now it knocks on our doors and we can connect our mobile to the Android TV Box.

It must be madness to be able to enjoy all the content on your mobile through a 55-inch screen. And it is that being able to enjoy games and videos on this scale must be something truly sensational. But how can we do it, don't worry, in a moment you will find out how to connect your mobile phone to the Android TV Box quickly and easily.

How to connect your mobile to the Android TV Box?

While you may not believe it, doing this is very simple and you won't invest a lot of time to apply the steps we will explain below. Before starting it is important to know that to perform this procedure you need to have an Android TV Box. Otherwise you won't be able to do it.

You should also know that you will not only broadcast images, but also hear sounds, so the experience will be complete. Your Android TV Box   it will become a secondary screen of your mobile and you can play whatever you want on it, whatever your phone plays you can see and hear on TV, YouTube videos, movies and games.

To make this possible, the only thing we will need is to download an application to ours TV Box. It is important to know that both the TV and the mobile phone must be connected to the same WiFi network. The application that we are going to download on our TV Box is called Air Screen and you can download it from the Play Store.

After downloading it to your TV, you have to launch the application, then you have to go to your mobile and you have to look for the option that will allow you to cast your screen to the TV Box. This option may be different for each mobile phone depending on the brand used. Look for this option so you can make the connection between your mobile phone and your TV Box.

Stream YouTube videos

And that's it, instantly and automatically what is displayed on your mobile starts to be played on your TV Box. You will see all your Facebook or YouTube videos reflected on your TV Box, as if by magic. In order to send YouTube videos from your mobile to TV, you need to perform the following procedure.

When you access the YouTube application from your mobile, you will find a square icon that resembles a screen at the top right of the screen. You will press it and then it will show you a Cast To window and you will select the name of your TV box. The next step will be to select the video you want to stream and then hit play.

And in this way you managed to connect your mobile phone to the Android TV Box, quickly and easily, without much hassle and using an application that you can download from your TV. Now have a lot of fun using this new tool to share with your friends and become part of the new advances in technology.

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