How to Convert CDA Files to MP3 Using Windows Media - Quick and Easy

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Each file contains a name with the its abbreviation available on your computer, these can be: txt which corresponds to the notepad, doc which identifies the Word document, Excel xls and its spreadsheet, eml mail file, internet htm file, mdb in the Access database, ppt Power Point, CDA.

CDA file is a data integration commonly known in English as CD Audio Track Virtual Shortcut from CD di Microsoft Windows.

For each track of a Audio CD a CDA is created that allows you to access the audio tracks available on your computer. A CDA file shows you where the music is so that you can later play it correctly from the CD, as well as which Windows program you will use to play it.

The CDA file shows where a song begins and ends, but it has no sound and each file has a track structure. You can convert this CDA file to WMA, FLAC, WAV and MP3. A peculiarity of this file is that you can open it in various programs, it can be in VideoLAN, iTunes and in VLC media player, which is a very complete player and also allows you to rotate or flip a video in VLC permanently

When you convert your CDA in MP3 it has a sound because it is small and compressed in size and of the highest quality. The acronym MP3 derives from the English acronym of Motion Picture Experts Group which in Spanish means group of cinema experts.

When you download your files on Internet in MP3, they do not lose their quality when listening due to its compressed file, which is why, like you, many prefer to use it and at the same time play it in Windows Media.

What is Windows Media?

Windows Media was created for the Windows operating system. This originated in 1991 in the Windows 3.0 operating system. In the beginning its name was Media Player, its files were played in .mmm and other formats available at that time. Windows Media has evolved in its presentation and playback over time.

It is a multimedia type player with which you can organize, and play music, video regardless of the type of format in which you downloaded it from the internet. It also gives you the ability to create albums and add covers

It even allows you to tune into existing radio stations on the web, as well as record your own music in DVD / CD format on your computer, buy music, view information about your favorite artist's music files, stream.

There are different versions of Windows Media, currently you can find version 11 created for Windows XP and Windows Media 12, but how to download or update Windows Media Player to the latest version?

How can you convert CDA file to MP3 with Windows Media fast and easy?

If you want to convert your CDA in MP3 in Windows Media, I will show you below how to do it quickly and easily, you just need to follow the following steps:

Step 1

Enter the card "Windows Media" on your computer, look for the option called "Tools" and then go to "Options" and press click.

Step 2

Then, go to the tab "Copy", click on the music available in CDA and then choose MP3 in "Format" which you can view in "CDA or CD Rip Settings".

3 pass

Then with the mouse search "Audio quality", click and look for the “Apply and OK” option, click this tab again.

4 pass

Finally, insert the “CDA OR CD” drive into your computer, click on the “Copy” from CD option and you will see how your existing files on CDA change into MP3 files.

You have already recorded your audio files, now I invite you to enjoy the quality of your MP3 files on your computer and if you want to spare yourself all this process, we directly advise you to dare to download MP3 music for free.

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