How to convert MKV video to AVI without losing quality and without programs?

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While using and browsing the Internet, we are viewing and discovering downloadable content, which includes videos.

As we expressed earlier, videos have different types of formats a depending on the extension they need.

Today it is possible How to record, edit and render a video so that it weighs less. Also, you can render 1080P or 720P video at 60 FPS without losing quality.

It should be noted that this is no cause for alarm. These common extensions were responsible for compatibility and playback on everyday devices.

How can we define each format?

At the moment, most videos are limited to being transformed into three main formats: MP4, MKV e AVI.

Although the latter two are used to cover audio and video files, each establishes differences that stand out when used for avoid mistakes.

AVI format

Its name derives from the term Audio Video Interleav. It is a format developed by Microsoft for its operating system.

Born from the exchange of RIFF format which was owned by IBM and Microsoft, is a file that is characterized by adapting its quality to the degree of compression it has.

MKV format

Being a set of acronyms of the brand Sailor, is characterized by being a container for multimedia files. It is capable of storing a different number of data within the same content.

Characterized by being the standard format for high definition, it takes care of supporting any type of multimedia file.

Pages available to convert MKV video format to AVI without losing quality and without programs

Your internet there are tons of programs to facilitate video conversion, but if you want to avoid downloads and installations, here you will find a list of pages that will help you achieve the same goal.


Despite being a downloadable program, the system offered the opportunity to establish a free video converter on the web.

The goal of this site is to be a tool that allows you to configure video quality and audio based on speed, resolution and transfer rate.

An advantage that the program has, and that they have also applied to their page, is that it is compatible with Windows and Mac, without affecting the high conversion speed that characterizes it.

To use it, you need to go to the page and click on " select file to start ”So that you can search your documents for the MKV file.

As a next step, you have to select the output format, which in this case will be " REVIEWS "Before pressing" convert ”To save the video to your computer.

Convert files

It is an online converter that claims to transform videos at high speed, allowing about three hundred and thirty (330) combinations of formats.

A feature of this site is to ensure the privacy security of your content, as it will be removed within twenty-four hours.

To get the conversion, select the file among your documents by pressing " puff pastry "Or, if necessary, enter the URL in the box" or download it from ".

In this situation, enter the format MKV nel ” Input format "And the AVI format in" output format "To press" convert ”To get the download link for your computer.


Unlike the previous ones, this is a converter that takes care of transform only those files that have been downloaded to your computer.

It features the option of getting a paid plan to get unlimited storage benefits, as the free service doesn't allow videos larger than 100MB.

Locate the file in " puff pastry "And then select the format you want to obtain from the list displayed in" select the format you want to obtain ". Finally, press " convert " for convert the video in AVI.

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