How to convert PowerPoint presentation to video step by step

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Many of us do not know how to use this tool skillfully and we will teach you very clearly and precisely.

As you should already know with this program, use slides to make presentations of your project. It is one of the most valuable tools in Office and is ideal for viewing images clearly. But if it is possible convert these presentations to video and here we will teach you how to perform this task and you can view it on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

We will teach you how to do this work, having your presentation already prepared and ready, we will only need to turn it into a video. But first we will do a series of configurations that will help us. We remind you that we are working with Microsoft Power Point 2016 and there may be variations with previous versions.

How to convert PowerPoint presentation to video

As we said before, we will be working with a presentation that should be ready already. And let's start making some changes so that it shows a clear video, for this we go to the top menu and select Transitions . We do this so that an effect can be observed between each slide change.

We select the option you like best and then go directly to add the sound effects. For this, in this same window in the right sector, we will get the Sound tab. A series of options are displayed from which we will choose the sound effect that seems best to us for the style of the our presentation.

Being here, we can also choose how long each slide will last before the transition. To do this, we will advance to the slide and create a clip in the After box and we can choose the time. Based on this, each slide will change  every 3 seconds, every 4, every five, etc.

To complete this step, we need to create a clip on the Apply to All tab, so that these changes take effect and apply to our entire presentation. Then we can see the changes we make by making clips in Preview. This way we can see if we like the presentation or else make other changes.

Easily convert presentation to video

Having already made the changes or adjustments to our presentation, we will move on to the most important part, which is turn it into  video. To do this we go to the top menu and choose the File tab, a series of options are displayed and choose Export by making a clip with the mouse.

The export window opens and we select the option Create video, the video quality options appear in the Create Video window. You create a clip in Internet Quality and select low quality, so this process runs quickly. You can also use the Use Recorded Narration and Intervals option, create a clip, and select the option not to use.

In the previous option you will select not to use narrations, but if you want to include a narration in your video you can choose the option that indicates it. If you look closely here, the Duration in seconds option appears for each slide. The time we entered in the previous configuration is shown and we leave it like this.

At this point we will just have to create a clip in Create video, it will take you where you want to save the video, we select and create a clip in Save. The video will be loaded, we look in the folder where we save it and we play it to see our presentation. And as you can see, you have already converted the your Power Point presentation on video.

Finally, if you want to make another video, you just need to make the changes to your presentation before converting it. You can choose the Presentation option and add a narration with your voice or go into Animations and create as you wish. Everything is part of your imagination.

It's all as simple as creating an interactive Power Point index in just a few steps

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