How to Convert System Apps to User Apps on Android Easily

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Surely you have gotten to the point that you cannot open applications or download them, download images, videos. Consequently, the device system throws an error, automatically closes a certain application or tells you that there is not enough space, even when you have already deleted everything.

System applications

Most of the time, system applications produce such awkward situations. These are the programs pre-installed on the mobile device, you can only discard the updates but you cannot uninstall the application, or it was believed.

These system applications they are generally not essential and they are not even widely used.

Before going fully into this variant to try to optimize the operation or memory of your mobile device, you must take into account that there are programs or applications that exist because they are part of the system that keeps computer software alive.

So it is recommended that you try know which system applications are truly indispensable.

Uninstalling system apps without root

This procedure for uninstalling an application from the system is somewhat complex. In cases where you are unable to get super user or root permissions on the mobile device, you should go to this alternative.

For this it is important that you have a computer, the USB cable belonging to the mobile device and its drivers saved on the computer.

  • The first thing to do is connect your mobile device to your computer via the USB cable. Put your computer into recovery mode.
  • Open the command window on your computer (for Windows systems: Windows key + R).
  • Enter the command adb devices in the window and press enter. If the drivers for your device are installed correctly, a number should appear that identifies your Android device.
  • Go back to the command window ed run the adb shell command.
  • Once the window opens, enter the commands to uninstall system applications.
  • To uninstall specific system applications, enter the following command: pm uninstall -k – -user 0 nomepacchetto. This "package name" can be: calculator, weather, background, photo, among others.

Uninstalling system applications with root

Another simpler way is uninstall rooted system applications, using the best apps to take care of the rooted phone. Once you've got super user or root permissions, it's a matter of looking for applications that will allow you to achieve this.

This permission can be obtained during the installing a root application. When you open it, a window should appear on your device asking for this permission.

If the super user or root permission doesn't appear with that, then you have to go to one of the many programs available on the web to get this permission and proceed to install the application which will help you remove applications from the system.

The ideal application

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular applications for this type of work. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can get rid of system applications.

  • The moment you open the application, it will automatically search for system applications.
  • Go to the tab Copy / Restore where you will see a list with the name of the applications.
  • If you get applications with an empty name it is because they belong to the user, if there are applications whose name is in red or green, they are system applications.
  • Select the system application you want to convert to a user application, swipe left.
  • When you have swiped, you will get a list of options, among which you will see: Convert to User Application.
  • The application you converted to user will appear in the list with a blank name, which means the process was successful.
  • You can now uninstall it from your mobile device.

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