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They all belong to the group of audio files, as they are just that, they don't have moving images like videos. These files are in different formats for user use, consisting of two formats known as WAV and MP3.

VLC, the most desired video player

The VLC player is the most desired by users thanks to great and useful features that owns. There was a time when you had to install a lot of codecs per section and you couldn't see or listen to some videos. The lifesaver of that time was VLC as it saved many hours for many users.

VLC player is the most sought after by people, thanks to the fantastic and useful functions it possesses, ranked among the best high quality video players.

Some time ago, a cluster of packets and codecs per section had to be installed, plus some videos could not be viewed or heard. The lifesaver of all these problems was VLC, which saved us long and tedious moments to play multimedia files.

VLC is totally free. At first glance it may seem simple and practical, but its functionality is not limited to bringing these multimedia files to our peripherals. The reader VLC has more additional tools that go beyond just playing music or videos.

MP3 and WAV formats

The MP3 format is a short reduction of " MPEG Layer 3 ". By playing MP3 files, you have the advantage of enjoying or recording complex audio files. This is thanks to the fact that it is one of the most desired and used by users, as it helps to reduce the weight of the tip by approximately 25% in cheaper than other formats.

Also, the WAV format is a more native format, as it adds absolutely nothing to the original file or modifies it. These WAV formats create container uses that allow you to save audio in parts, using it as an interchange file. When it comes to evaluating the sound is one of the best as it is not subject to losses.

When opening a file in MP3 format on the players, the weight of the files is minimal but their quality is very high. Between WAV formats e MP3 there is a large professional gap in the daily use of audio files. Come convertire WAV in MP3 in VLC?

Use VLC to convert WAV to MP3

VLC has impressed many of its users thanks to the number of tools available to each of its users. From playing something as simple as audio, to a DVD and other usage protocols. The steps for convertire WAV in MP3 con VLC are the following:

  • Download and install VLC for Windows.
  • Log in to the app.
  • Enter the menu called " medium ".
  • Proceed with the option " convert ".
  • Click on " add ”And a small window will open where it will show you the WAV file.
  • Touch " open ”And the file will be loaded into VLC immediately.
  • Click on " convert and save "
  • In the new window we go to the field " Profile ".
  • Select the option " Audio - MP3 "And in the field" destinazione " indicate the path and name to assign to the MP3 file.
  • Click icon area of key to access the profile properties.
  • You will see a tab called " Audio codec ".
  • Click on " Save ”To apply the changes.
  • Finally, click on " starts ”And converting the WAV file to MP3 will be performed.

Other online converters

Se VLC is not among your favorites, you can contact, an online tool for converting multimedia files. Its advantage is that it has a Spanish interface and is easy to use. Consider users' time and convert large amounts of files. It also has no video format limitations or MP3 conversion.

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