How to cook and eat easily in Minecraft and Minecraft PE

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With the steps and tips we will give you below, you will be in able to get the food you need right now and much more to keep. You won't regret reading on and discovering how to find, cook and eat the foods available in Minecraft.

How to cook and eat in Minecraft?

Both in real life and in many video games, have and cook quality food it is of great importance to us to lead a full life.

And, in this sense, Minecraft and Minecraft PE are no exception. Thanks to the food we eat in the game, we can continue playing with the peace of mind that we have restored the much needed hunger points.

Whether we are playing Minecraft on our computer or console, or even if we do it on a mobile device with Minecraft PE, we need to know how to cook the food we get well and, of course, eat it. That's why today we show you how you can achieve this with simple steps.

Steps to follow

Just like any action in Minecraft, to cook properly you need to follow certain steps in a specific way. But before we get started, there are a few things worth considering. For example, remember that foods such as milk, cake or mushroom stew they cannot be stacked or stacked in inventory. 

In addition, these foods, apart from bread, sugar, biscuits, golden apples and watermelon blocks, are handcrafted on the work table, unlike most that are baked in the oven.

If you want to learn about the creation or processing of all these foods, we invite you to visit the large number of tutorials on YouTube or to see the cookbook included in the work table.

Another thing to remember is the types of food you can get. In Minecraft, you can eat meat, which you get from hunting animals or fishing, apples that you can get from trees or by growing your own food; you can also plant sugar cane. If you want to cook the meat you get, the steps to follow are:

  • First, find or make an oven.
  • Open the oven by right clicking on it, or just pressing it if you have Minecraft PE.
  • Place raw meat or fish on top.
  • In the box below, put coal or wood to generate fire.
  • Wait a while for the food to cook, then remove it from the oven.

That's all! Once you have done all of this, now you just need to follow the corresponding steps to ingest your food. Subsequently, we will show you what you need to do to eat easily in Minecraft.

How to eat in Minecraft and Minecraft PE?

So far you have already managed to get and cook your own food, but you still have to do the most important thing, which is to eat it. To do this, there are a few steps you need to follow, which we will show you. These are:

  • Find the food you want to eat e put it in your hand.
  • Right-click or the key you have determined to use the items, or press the screen for a few seconds if you have Minecraft PE.

When you've done this, the your hunger bar will rise and you can get on with your activities. Of course, if you want to make a cake to eat, you have to first put it like any block and then take some. Having enough food, one of the most important things when playing Minecraft; so we invite you to continue investigating this area.

We hope that all of these steps and tips have been of great use to you and that you will be able to cooking and eating all the delicious foods you crave when playing Minecraft. Nothing prevents you from playing like an expert.

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