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Heat is a dangerous enemy for your mobile phone, which can suffer serious consequences due to high temperatures such as damage to its internal components. In addition to dressing him with the best summer wallpapers, in the summer it is necessary to protect him from the heat with special care. To help you achieve this, we will recommend several practices that will help you cool your mobile quickly and easily.

If you have failed to prevent your phone from overheating, you should take a number of actions that you will they will help a reduce the temperature in a few minutes. Before explaining to you what these practices are to cool your mobile phone, we warn you that putting it in the refrigerator and other refrigeration appliances is not an option. Having clarified this, let's see how you can cool down your mobile quickly and easily.

With these practices you can cool your phone easily and quickly when its temperature rises.

Get rid of the phone case

The case is a very useful accessory to protect your phone from falls and bumps, but it is not convenient to use it when the temperatures are high. Covering part of the terminal, the prevents heat from being released correctly, causing a significant increase in temperature.

If you don't trust your cell phone unprotected when you leave the house, you can store it in a sturdy case that can cope with possible falls without preventing the terminal from "breathing" in hot weather. We know that the covers are indispensable for many when using the mobile phone, but doing without them is very useful in the summer to lower the temperature of the same.

Turn off what you are not going to use

Even if you're not using its features, have tools like WiFi, Bluetooth o GPS activated requires constant power from the cell phone, which increases its temperature. For this reason, we recommend that you disable all those functions that you will not use. Therefore, your mobile will not have to make the same effort and, just as importantly, you will save battery.

Turn off tools like WiFi or Bluetooth if you won't be using them.

Use a refrigerator as an accessory

If your mobile phone is one that gets hot easily, you can use an accessory called a refrigerator. As you can imagine from its name, its function is that of dissipate the heat from the cellphone and keep it at low temperature in so you can continue to use it without problems.

One such refrigerator is Xiaomi's Mijia Flydigi refrigerator, which you can use on mobile phones of any brand. With a 700mAh lithium battery, you can use it for 6 hours straight to upgrade your phone. If you are a "gamer", this accessory will help you play for hours without fearing the consequences of the high temperatures of the device components.

Never leave your mobile phone in the car

One piece of advice that we always stress when we talk about the dangers of heat for your mobile is not to leave it on the mobile when the temperatures are high outside. Even if the phone is not exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures inside the car can seriously compromise its operation, reducing its duration in the long term.

For this reason, we recommend that you never leave your mobile phone (or other technological devices) inside the car, either under the seat, in the glove compartment or in the boot. Even if you think it's not very hot outside, temperatures inside the closed car rise and this can greatly damage your phone.

Separate technological devices

If you carry multiple technological devices together, such as in your pocket or backpack, try a separate them so that all can better dissipate the heat. Therefore, even if the air does not enter much into these compartments, the devices will be able to maintain an adequate temperature that does not affect their operation.

And here are the practices that will help you cool your phone quickly and easily. If you feel that the terminal is very hot, you can also turn it off, remove the battery - if possible - and leave it out of the sun for a few minutes to lower the temperature. Certain, putting it in the refrigerator is never an option, as you could quickly damage the internal components of the phone.

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