How to copy an Excel sheet to another workbook in Excel without losing formatting

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The task of copying the information we save on one sheet of the file to another location is simplified without losing the format.

It's actually pretty simple, and after learning how to use it, users often wonder why they haven't learned it sooner.

It is especially useful when creating an Excel spreadsheet for calculating rental prices. Even with adding cells from different sheets in Excel,

Simplifying and optimizing your work is not impossible, that's why we bring this little one quick and easy guide to start copying a sheet to another workbook in Excel.

Steps to copy a sheet to another Excel workbook

It's very simple, you just have to have the information you want to duplicate completely ready and with the desired format.

Now, if the data is required in a new file or book, both the container and the recipient they must be open. Positioned on the sheet to be reproduced, the cursor is brought to the bottom where the sheet panel is located.

Then right-click on the sheet in question and select the fourth option, called " Move or copy ". This will generate a new window.

The latter has two sections, the first determines in which book the data is located (in the same, another open or a new one).


And in the second, in which specific sheet it will be placed. If it is a page of the issue dossier itself, it gives the possibility to choose between the different ones in its possession, as well as in another sector of the same sheet.

This menu is also accessible from the top panel, in the " Home "," Cells "section, by clicking on" Format "and choosing" Move or copy ".

The best thing about this way of passing, copying or moving information is that, being the desktop application, the data formats will be preserved, so they don't have to be re-applied to the final destination.

Copy a sheet to another Excel workbook from the web

In this case, Excel Web does not have the ability to copy or move directly with the right click. To get what you are looking for, you need to copy the data from one sheet to another.

Using Microsoft Office for free online, or Excel in particular, is quite simple. In a short time and without problems, adapting costs nothing, just the desire to learn.

The method is manual, but knowing it is as important as knowing how to do it from the desktop application. The steps to follow consist of:

  • Select all the data in the spreadsheet that you want to move. The easiest and fastest way to do this is from the keyboard. So you press the commands " CTRL + spacebar "And then press" Shift + spacebar ".
  • To continue, the next step is to copy the data from the sheet selected in the previous step. For this you can use " CTRL + CLOSE "


  • Now, open the workbook you want to paste the give, then click on the " + ”At the bottom (the status bar) to add a new blank sheet.
  • Finally, place the cursor in the first cell, to click on it and paste the information.
    To achieve this, it is recommended to use i together keys " CTRL + DRAW “, A command that will paste the data from notes to the spreadsheet.

It is important to keep in mind that if the process will run from Excel for the web, when copying a sheet to another workbook, the conditional formatting applied in the cells of the source workbook will not be preserved.

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