How to copy and paste cells in Excel using VBA Macro condition

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What is VBA Macro and what does it do?

Macro VBA is a programming framework created basically to automate work in Excel. Quickly and without manual work you can create VBA Macro programs that at the touch of a button give you a format and print a sales report.

Macro VBA not only allows you to work faster and more effectively, but will also allow you to develop a working pattern suitable for your work routine; as with a VBA Macro command you can always do your work consistently to one speed that will amaze you.

The effectiveness of this program is so great that it will allow you something that in other circumstances you would not do: Delegate. Yes, others will be able to use the program you created giving you the peace of mind that it will run as you wish. You can also hide Excel sheets with a Macro for greater security of your documents.

You can even program your computer to perform multiple jobs, while you can perform other tasks that require your precious time, with complete peace of mind that the work it will be done perfectly.

As Excel progresses, your Macro programs should also do like copying and pasting cells in Excel using the VBA Macro condition, so when you update your Excel you should also do it with your VBA Macro programs.

As you may have noticed, it is almost imperative that you learn everything about Macro VBA, you can, since Microsoft's official page is at your disposal, where you will surely find all the necessary information to become a subject matter expert and thus optimize the quality and efficiency of your work.

How to copy and paste cells with VBA Macro?

Searching for values ​​and finding a column number, then copying and pasting in Excel is much more common than you might think. So it is almost certain that at some point you will need to copy and paste the cells into a macro.

If we want to copy and paste cells with VBA macro, we will have to use tools such as: Copy and Paste Special of the Range object. Here are the steps to follow if you want to use these tools.

Copy and paste the cells on the same sheet

To follow this procedure you can use a code that allows you to copy the content from one cell to another, including the cell format and formulas.

Copy and paste the values ​​of a cell with VBA

If you only want to copy the values ​​and not the content, you can edit the method argument PasteSpecial, this will only allow you to paste the values ​​of the copied cells.

Copy and paste a column with VBA

To carry out this simple and quick step, we can and must modify the range indicated in the method Range, in order to perform it with all the efficiency required in this case.

Copy and paste on another sheet

This step should be done only if the source and destination of the sheet are different from the active sheet, in this case it will be necessary to indicate the name of the sheet when proceeding to copy and when proceeding to paste.

Copy cells with VBA macro using shortcut

This alternative method can be used if you want all the contents of a cell to always be copied, in this case to get it you have to use a code, if you are sure of this step this method will be enough to get it.

Familiarizing yourself with all of these tools will guarantee you a better performance in your work activities that goes hand in hand with your accounting jobs.

Something that will help you improve in this area is knowing how to go or get directly to a specific cell in Excel. We hope this article is of great help and reference to adapt them to your business needs.

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