How to copy and transfer a program with its configuration from one Windows computer to another via USB

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THE USB is a versatile type of memory. We can do many things: you can copy the videos from a DVD to your USB flash drive, on other occasions they are useful to install programs on the USB memory to save space on the hard disk.

Have a USB stick will save you in an emergency, using certain programs. We can mention for example that it is possible to create a bootable USB flash drive to run Windows with UltraISO. Besides, they will also be used to create a Windows bootable CD or USB using AOMEI PE Builder.

There's a Microsoft program called Windows Easy Transfer. It is a tool that will help us transfer configuration data, videos, photos, among other files that we have on the old computer. Its only drawback is that we won't be able to transfer the programs themselves, only their configuration.

How to transfer already installed programs?

  1. To remove the programs, press the Windows button or start your computer and in the sidebar click on computer.
  2. Once there you will find the local drive C, where we have all the programs installed ; enter it.
  3. Then, in the program files folder where they are archived all programs. Enter this.
  4. In program you have chosen you can select it and press the right mouse button and then select the copy option.
  5. You go back to your computer and on the removable USB disk click to open. Hit the paste option by right clicking.
  6. Enter the program folder you copied and select the exce file which is the way to open the application.
  7. You have to create one shortcut, for this press the right button of the mouse on the program and create the shortcut; This same access must be moved out of the application folder, to have better accessibility.

Copy and transfer a program from one public computer to another via USB

You may want to have a program on your computer that you find on a Public PC, that is, in an internet room, at a friend or relative. For this you have to

  1. Connect the external USB memory which you will use to copy the program to your computer.
  2. Select the start button and in the sidebar, click on computer.
  3.  Then go to the local drive C.
  4.  You'll discard hidden files, for this in
  • Windows 10 select Vista in the top bar, then options; choose the view tab. Select the option to show hidden files, folders and drives. Select accept or apply for make effective le changes.
  • On Windows 7,8 and Vista. Press the Alt key, select the Tools option and choose the folder options; In the view option, check the box to show hidden files, folders and drives. Click Accept for make the changes effective.

  1. After these steps, a folder named program data will appear. There will be programs installed in the two folders which are program files and program data, and sometimes it is necessary to copy programs from these two folders in order for them to work.
  2. Select the program files, copy the desired program and copy it to the external USB memory.
  3. Then make sure you copy the program, which is not in the data folder. Then, you will need to extract the program from this folder as well.
  4. Connect your USB stick to your computer for paste programs.
  5. Once the program has been copied, you enter the folder.
  6.  Select the exce file which is the way to open the application.
  7. Right click and create a shortcut. To finish, right-click the link again and select cut. Then copy it from the application folder. Therefore, you can open the application without any problems.

In this way, copy and transfer a program from one computer to another via USB it will be quite simple. Also, you can remove these programs from USB memory and bring them to your PC. There is no need to download an external app and no software.

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