How to copy, download or transfer photos to my gallery from Facebook?

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The web in question is so good that it can also be used to store photos as if it were a cloud. Since then, the photos you upload to the social network will be saved until you decide to delete them. So you can visit them whenever you want and download them from there if you change devices or lose them.

Best of all, you can even download images or photos in their original size from Facebook, without losing resolution.

Copy, download or transfer photos to my gallery from Facebook

First of all, you have to take into account which processes for downloading photos to your phone and computer are different. But they are just as easy and none take more than 5 minutes.

Now, the first of what you will see today is how to copy, download or transfer photos to my gallery from Facebook, with your mobile. To do this you have to go to your phone browser and go to the official Facebook page, this will allow you to enter your data and log in logically.

Once in your personal section of the social network, go to the albums or photos you have saved and select one (the one you prefer of course).


You have to leave it pressed until a menu appears, in this will be the option "Save image", press it and then press the button " Accept ”To confirm your action.

This should be done with each image separately. When you are satisfied, log out and go to the phone's internal image gallery.

There you will see that a new album section has been created where all the photos you have downloaded will be, if they are not there it is because they have been saved in the folder " Download “, But regardless, they will already be on your Phone.

Download the photos from your computer

Now that you know how to download photos to your mobile, the first part of the question has been solved : How to copy, download or transfer photos to my gallery from Facebook? , so it's time to see how the process is done on your computer.

For this you must also log into your Facebook account from the computer you always use. When you are already in your session, go to the section that contains your personal photos or albums.

In this, choose a photo you want to download, when you do that you will notice that at the bottom there is a menu of options you can choose from. Inside you will find the button " Download “, Press it and that's it.

Download entire albums

Despite the fact that with everything you have seen, you can download the photos and have them on the device of your choice, you will have noticed that with these steps you can only download the photos one at a time.


Which can be boring if you want to take more than 100 photos. There is also a solution for this, and that is by downloading the entire albums (works for pc).

You just have to go to one of your albums and open it, then click on the gear button at the top of the screen.

To finish, press the option "Download the album", this will make Facebook think for a few minutes, so I sent you a message saying that the download can start when you want, press to accept it and that's it.

All your photos will be downloaded in ZIP format, and will remain on your computer for as long as you want (you can also download all your friends' photo albums). With that, the question How to copy, download or transfer photos to my gallery from Facebook is  completely resolved, now go to your device and let the action begin.

Finally, remember that Facebook is obviously not only for downloading, but also for uploading, so it wouldn't hurt for you to find how to crop or trim photos and images on Facebook, or how to upload high-quality HD photos, so that you can fly away a teacher in this social network.

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