How to craft or craft random chests in Fortnite creative mode?

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Chests are one of the many things to do in Fortnite's creative mode, providing weapons and supplies to players. In creative mode there is the possibility to create them while editing your island. At first glance, only one type of provision can be added to them.

Just like there are tricks to level up quickly in Fortnite, there is one for making random crates in Fornite's creative mode. This way the items will vary within each chest, which makes the game even more interesting.

Create random chests in Fortnite creative mode

The first thing you need to do if you want to make a random crate in Fornite's creative mode is press the up arrow and go to the pre-made items section. There you have to locate among all the elements the one called "City clock".

When you get it, you need to select it and launch it in the game. Once it's on the map, you need to get closer to the top of the structure. If you listen carefully you will see that you feel typical sound of a chest.

To access it you will need to cut the top of the building with L2. In case you have a Play Station 4 you will do it by pressing the left arrow button.


When you remove the front wall on top of the building, you will be able to verify that there is a chest inside. The main feature of it is that when opened it carries various weapons inside.

Place the random chest in Fortnite's creative mode

Once you get the random chest, what you will need to do to create one in your game is to copy and paste it on the map. If you want to verify that the crate actually contains random items, you can glue several of them in one place and open them all. You will see that every time you open a new chest it will bring inside different objects, never the same as the previous one.

A special feature of these random chests is that they take a little longer to open than normal ones. A little waiting time that will pay off to get new weapons every time.

Something to keep in mind is that, with random chests, you can't configure weapons you don't want to appear in the game. A small risk that must be taken in contrast to the great advantages of placing this type of chests, which, in addition to weapons, can contain also ammunition, interesting objects, medicines, among others.

Despite that, you can always access the things in the Fortnite store to buy what you need and complete your gear.


Another important element that accompanies the building "City clock" are the ammunition boxes. They are not available in the prefabricated objects menu so they represent an object of great value.


Just like when creating random chests in Fortnite's creative mode, you just need to select the ammo box inside the building and copy it. Then paste it in the place that suits you the most in the game. So you can have ammo stored all over the map.

You already know how create random chests in creative mode of Fortnite, as well as ammo boxes. Two rather interesting and useful elements if your goal is to create a Battle Royale-style battlefield.

Now it remains only to finish editing your island in creative mode, change the necessary settings on the map and invite up to 16 people to play with you.

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