How to create a portal in Minecraft to another dimension: heaven, hell, moon, end, etc.

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On the other hand, the Minecraft experience has been much more expanded thanks to modifier files, also called modifiers, or simply mods. These modify the game by adding or removing elements, thus creating a gameplay that can be very different and better than the game itself.

And what's more, if you want to kill the dragon of the end in Minecraft, to receive unique rewards and experience, you have to go to the dimension of the end. From what we see, these two dimensions are of prime importance in advancing your game and improving as a Minecraft player.

Two well-known edit files allow us to reach new dimensions such as a well-crafted sky and also the interesting moon. In each of these sites you can find different materials and possible useful tools to use during your trip through the grilled world of Minecraft.

How to create the portal in Minecraft to enter Hell and End?

You can go to the Hell and End dimension more easily than to the Moon and Sky, starting without the need to download a modifier file. To reach these destinations you just have to build the necessary portals, once completed, all that remains is to turn them on and enter.

To go to hell, you need to get obsidian peaking for a total of 12 blocks, which you can get by pouring water into the lava or vice versa. You have to place 4 blocks as a base, as columns for a total of 4 on each side and 4 as the roof of the portal.

After that, all that remains is to simply light it up with a bait like you would light up a block of ordinary weed from the world of Minecraft.

When you are done with this step, you will see how the portal glows in a purple aura that will send you to the underworld as you walk through it.

Now, to enter the End, you must first find the portal which is usually found in an underground fortress in a mine. To find it you have to use the eyes of ender, some precious objects that once used guide you to the portal of the End.

Finally, when you have found the portal, you will see a series of tables arranged in 3 x 3 that may or may not keep an eye on them. What follows is simply place the ender eyes with the action button on each of the tables that are completely empty and the portal will finally open.

How to make the portal in Minecraft to enter the dimension of the sky and the moon?

The first thing you should know is that the only way this will be possible will be through a file modifier that allows it. You can get them by searching Google for their features, when you have their name, you just have to download and apply them.

To enter heaven you must collect 12 blocks of glowing stone, that you can form from materials you collect in hell.

You will place them the same way you do the port in the underworld and you can light them by making or creating a yellow lighter that the mod carries. Once done, the portal to heaven will be open, be careful when you go through it as you may fall into the void if you are not careful.

Now, if it is a portal to the moon, it is more complicated, as there are more ways that allow you to go to the moon. It will all depend on which one you are using, but no matter which one it is, you can learn how to do it with the guide mod.

Well, with this explanatory post you can create a portal in Minecraft in another dimension by following the mentioned steps. We hope you find it useful!

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