How to create a premium Minecraft account? - Definitive guide

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Also, you can play Minecraft using cross-platform, so in case you like to cut blocks to make amazing constructions, don't miss this post where we will teach you how creare un account Minecraft premium.

Steps to follow to create a premium Minecraft account

Next, in this new section, we will detail all the steps you need to follow to creare un account Minecraft premium.

  • The first step is to access Mojang's official website from any browser.
  • Once you are inside the Mojang page select the option that says " Register an account ". You just have to locate the green button located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • You will then be redirected to the official minecraft store to begin the process of signing up for a new premium account.
  • So, first you will need to enter a valid email address, an 8-character password (containing at least 1 number and 1 special character) and your date of birth. Then click on the green button that says " Create account «.
  • So you have to wait a few minutes for the Mojang team to get you send an e -mail to the email address you entered to create this new account. This is a routine process that this platform carries out to confirm our identity.
  • Then, go to your inbox and open Mojang Mail. Within this email you will see a password that you will need for confirm the your e-mail adress. In case you don't get an email from Mojang in your inbox, you should check your spam folder.

  • If you haven't received any mail, you have the option to request that it be sent to you again.

Note: Also, in order to play better, you can increase the RAM memory, so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Last steps to follow

  • You must copy the code and paste it in the indicated field to continue with the account verification process.
  • You must therefore agree to Mojang's terms and conditions before you start playing Minecraft with your new account.
  • So you have to write yours username that you will use in the game, specify the country you live in and select a payment method to get the official license of this incredible game.
  • So proceed to purchase the license and voila, you will have already got your premium Minecraft account.
  • Now all that remains is to start the process to download and install the game and start enjoying the amazing world of Minecraft.

Benefits of creating a premium Minecraft account

Now, in this case we will take the trouble to mention some of the benefits you will get with an account Minecraft premium. If you still don't know whether or not it's worth creating a premium Minecraft account, read on to get rid of your doubts once and for all.

  • The coolest thing about getting a Minecraft premium account is that you will be in degree of access the official servers of other users who also have a premium account. These servers have better quality better connection than unofficial servers and also you won't have to wait for a location to be available to enter. This is because on each server you already have an automatically secured location.
  • On the other hand, you can too change the look of your characterFor this you have to enter the official Mojang page and select the skin you like best
  • Another good perk and many are using it is the ability to change the username in Minecraft.
  • Another advantage is that you have the ability to quickly update the launcher to have access to all versions of this wonderful game.
  • Finally, if you're a premium Minecraft user, you can play it from Windows 10 without having to download it, which is a big plus these days.

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